Mordrith Hakim of the Broken Shackle

Devoted of Barak

Neutral GoodApparent Alignment
*     with Halfling and Gnome
**   with Dwarf
Important Skills
Use Magical 
Armor Check Penalty -5


        Born in the southern town of Corsan, a small community of artisans and craftsmen under the control of the Ogre enforcers from the Dragon Mountains.  Mordrith grew up in working in the town forges and slaving till late into the night working with the master craftsmen.  He watched his parents slain by the Ogre Enforcers when he was just a child.  Mordrith was taken in by the elder smiths of the town.  As he grew to adulthood, his size and strength became apparent and the Ogre enforcers allowed him to advance to a foreman of the Forge.  His two friends while growing up in this town were Kaylee, a novice priestess of a nearly forgotten goddess, and Corin, a rogue who survived by using his superior wits.  Together, the three orphans harassed the Ogres and tried to make each others lives bearable.  It was during this time that Mordrith began following the enigmatic God of Liberation, Barak.
        On Mordrith's 22nd birthday, the Ogre chieftain Gr'Zan rewarded him for his labors and Promoted him to Master of the Forge.  This new title placed Mordrith in a position of power in the town.  He could dictate the pace of the forge as well as who labored at which job.  Mordrith used this new position of power and authority within the community to try and alleviate the suffering of the townspeople.  With Corin's assistance, Mordrith began creating items and selling them in nearby Kazant.  With This money, the group bought needed supplies and medicines for the elderly in the town, who were too old to work in the forge.
        Late one summer night, when Mordrith was finishing a silvered warhammer for Kaylee, one of the Ogre overseers took an interest in Mordrith's late night excursions.  When the Ogre uncovered the hidden stash of money and items, following Barak's will, Mordrith smashed the Ogre's skull in with the newly forged hammer.  This act of violence would make his further survival in the town impossible.  That night, Mordrith, Kaylee, and Corin set out with their wagon and small stash of supplies and headed north.
        They fell in with a group of traveling craftsmen and traveled from festival to festival heading away from their troubles in the south.  Throughout their travels, they ran afoul of several groups and made more than one enemy before arriving in the trade town of Corigsant.  There, Mordrith began working in a forge and saving what money he could.  About the same time, a traveling mage named Drestal joined forces with the group and they began hiring themselves out as "problem solvers" to the local gentry.
        After about a year, Mordrith used the money his group had salvaged adventuring as well as the proceeds of their crafting to buy his own forge and a modest estate for them.  Time passed and they grew stronger.  New opportunities were presented and Mordrith's Broken Shackle forge became known in the region for superior craftsmanship.  A new mining establishment opened to the north and became attracted to the Broken Shackle forge.  This, coupled with a contract with the city guards to provide weapons and armor, allowed Mordrith to buy the adjoining estate and move his forge into a larger area.
        Mordrith is now wandering the land taking a sebatical.  Mordrith is searching for himself and his god.  Not even his closest friends know the paths that he walks now.  He is traveling in secret using fake names and adopting a different look.

HP:  65Melee
1d8+9 (Talon)
1d10+9 (Fist)
1d4+9   (Claw)
1d10+9 (Fist)
AC:  20Initiative:  +2Weapon:  Mordrith's Talons


Mordrith's Talons
          Two large warhammers with a spike on the top and a blade at the end of the handle.  The weapon is an exotic weapon that may be used as a two handed martial weapon by small creatures.  Due to the skill and style that must be used in fighting with the weapon, the wielder may alternate between striking with the hammer head (fist), hammer spike (talon), and blade (claw) during combat. Mordrith's Talon is a small weapon that weights 12 pounds for each hammer and does x3 critical damage.  The weapon is a Bludgeoning (Fist), Piercing (Talon), and a Slashing (Claw) weapon depending on its strike.
          The weapons wielded by Mordrith are +1, hasted, and possess two special properties.  When struck together, the hammers produce a 2d6 sonic burst that damages everything within 5 feet.  Characters who are aware of this property may attempt a Reflex save DC 15 to take half damage.  The weapons also provide Resistance 10 to cold.  Mordrith's weapons have been crafted from meteorite ore and infused with arcane magic.  Deep red runes run across the surface of the hammer and burst into dim red light when the hammers are struck together.

Bardic Spells:     Light, Read Magic, Resistance, Mending
Arcane Spell Failure:  35%




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