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Domestic Animals

Ape150 gp
Bird, Canary2 cp
Bird, Song2 cp
Boar10 gp
Bull20 gp
Calf5 gp
Cat, house10 sp
Cat Hunting5,000 gp
Chicken/Rooster3 cp
Cow10 sp
Deer, Doe5 gp
Deer, Stag9 gp
     Guard 25 gp
     Hunting 17 gp
     House 4 gp
     Sled 30 gp
     War 50 gp
Dove3 cp
Falcon, trained1,200 gp
Goat1 gp
Goose5 cp
Guinea hen2 cp
Hawk, Fledgling25 cp
Hawk, Small18 gp
Hawk, Large40 gp
Hawk, Trained100 gp
Lama60 gp
Monkey4 gp
Nightingale5 gp
Ox15 gp
Partridge5 sp
Pigeon2 cp
Pigeon, homing100 gp
Pig3 gp
Piglet1 gp
Ram3 gp
Sheep2 gp
Songbird10 gp
Swan25 gp
Yak9 gp

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