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Bar, Alum 3 gp
Bar, Flint 4 cp
Bar, Magnet 2 sp
Bar, Silver 5 gp
Bead, Crystal 2 cp
Bead, Glass 1 cp
Bell, Crystal 18 gp
Bell, Tiny 4 cp
Bitumen, Vial 2 cp
Blade, Iron 3 sp
Blood, Human 4 sp
Blood, Umber Hulk 22 gp
Bone, Small 2 cp
Bone, Undead Creature 3 gp
Brackish Water, Vial 2 cp
Chain, Silver 12 gp
Cloth, Ghoulfs 6 gp
Coal 1 cp
Cocoon 4 cp
Cone, Crystal 3 gp
Cone, Glass 1 gp
Cord, Silk 2 gp
Cotton Cloth Square 2 cp
Dung, Bat 4 cp
Dung, Bull 2 cp
Egg, Rotten 1 cp
Essence, Will-of-wisp 60 gp
Eye, Umber Hulk 75 gp
Eyelash, Basilisk 100 gp
Eyelash, Human 1 cp
Eyelash, Ki-Rin 37 gp
Eyelash, Ogre Mage 26 gp
Feather, Exotic Bird 8 gp
Feather, Hummingbird 1 gp
Feather, White 6 cp
Fur, Bat 2 sp
Fur, Bloodhound 2 cp
Fur, Bull 5 cp
Fur, Cat to fuel just one 2 cp
Fur, Fleece 3 cp
Fur, Horse one casting, as 2 cp
Fur, Wool 2 cp
Gauze 7 cp
Glass Eye 6 gp
Glove, Heavy Cloth 8 sp
Glove, Leather 1 gp
Glove, Snakeskin 2 gp
Glove, Soft Cloth 7 sp
Gum Arabic 3 sp
Heart, Chicken 3 sp
Hemisphere, Crystal 2 sp
Hide, Chameleon 8 sp
Honey, Vial 6 cp
Honeycomb 2 cp
Horn, Small 6 sp
Incense 1 gp
Ink, Lead-Based 50 gp
Insect, Cricket 2 cp
Insect, Fire y 4 cp
Insect, Fly 1 cp
Insect, Glowworm 3 cp
Insect, Grasshopper 2 cp
Insect, Spider 3 cp
Iron from Iron Golem 4 gp
Key, Brass 1 sp
Leaf, Ivy 2 cp
Leaf, Skunk Cabbage 1 sp
Leather Bellows, Tiny 2 gp
Leather Strip, Displacer 8 gp
Leather, Arm Thong 3 sp
Leather, Cured 1 sp
Lens, Glass 30 gp
Lens, Ruby 1,650 gp
Lens, Sapphire 1,500 gp
Lodestone 2 gp
Loop, Small Golden 3 gp
Marble, Crystal 1 gp
Marble, Polished 4 sp
Miniature Cloak 3 gp
Miniature Musical Instrument 12 gp
Miniature Sword, Platinum 250 gp
Molasses, Vial 6 cp
Mushroom Spores 3 cp
Petal, Rose 1 cp
Phosphorescent Moss 1 sp
Pin, Silver 2 sp
Plaque, Ivory 50 gp
Pork Rind 2 cp
Pot, Clay 3 cp
Powder, Amber 10 gp
Powder, Animal Hoof 2 cp
Powder, Black Pear l500 gp
Powder, Brimstone 8 cp
Powder, Carbon 4 cp
Powder, Carrot 1 cp
Powder, Charcoal 2 cp
Powder, Coloured Sand 4 cp
Powder, Corn Extract 4 cp
Powder, Crystal 15 gp
Powder, Diamond 200 gp
Powder, Dirt from Ghoul 3 gp
Powder, Dry Tinder 1 cp
Powder, Dust 1 cp
Powder, Garlic 2 cp
Powder, Gold 25 gp
Powder, Granite 2 cp
Powder, Grave Dirt 1 sp
Powder, Herring Scales 1 gp
Powder, Iron 2 cp
Powder, Jade 250
Powder, Lime 2 cp
Powder, Mica 1 gp
Powder, Peas 1 cp
Powder, Phosphorous 1 gp
Powder, Rhubarb Leaf 3 cp
Powder, Ruby 50 gp
Powder, Salt 1 cp
Powder, Sand 1 cp
Powder, Silver 5 gp
Powder, Soot 1 cp
Powder, Sulphur 4 sp
Powder, Talc 1 gp
Prism, Crystal 8 sp
Prism, Mineral 1 gp
Quartz 8 sp
Quicksilver (vial) 10
Reed 2 cp
Rod, Amber 8 gp
Rod, Crystal 2 gp
Rod, Glass 8 sp
Rod, Iron 2 cp
Rod, Iron Pyrite 3 cp
Rod, Phosphorescent 6 gp
Rod, Silver 1 gp
Root, Liquorice 3 sp
Sheet, Iron 2 sp
Shell, Egg 1 cp
Shell, Nut 1 cp
Shell, Tortoise 1 gp
Shell, Turtle 15 cp
Silk Square 7 sp
Snake Scale 2 cp
Sphere, Clay 2 cp
Sphere, Crystal 3 sp
Sphere, Glass 1 sp
Spider Web 1 sp
Sponge 3 sp
Spoon, Silver 4 sp
Statuette, Ivory 4 gp
Statuette, Jade Lair 25 gp
Statuette, Wax 1 gp
Statuette, Wood 1 gp
Stomach, Adder 3 gp
String 1 cp
Strip, Ivory 7 sp
Sunstone 5 gp
Sweat, Barbarianfs 5 sp
Sweet Oil (vial) 1 sp
Tallow 4 cp
Tentacle, Giant Octopus 28 sp
Tentacle, Giant Squid 32 sp
Tongue, Snake 5 sp
Vinegar (vial) 3 cp
Wax 1 cp
Whistle, Silver 6 sp
Whitewash (vial) 2 sp
Wire, Copper 2 cp
Wire, Copper 2 cp
Wire, Gold 2 gp
Wire, Silver 2 sp

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