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Special Item's Description

Alchemy Identification Kit: Sometimes an alchemist does not have the space to carry around an entire lab, but does need to identify potions. The identification kit was designed to meet this need. It contains carefully measured reagents, a few simple tools and a variety of vials. Using the kit gives the alchemist a +2 circumstance bonus on all rolls to identify potions. The kit contains enough material for 10 uses.

Barrister Case: A waterproof, armored case capable of carrying four spellbooks (or similar-sized items), a barrister case is an effective way of carrying such valuable tomes in nigh-complete safety. Capable of resisting weapon strikes, elemental exposure and massive abuse, barrister cases have a hardness of 15 and 80 hit points due to skilled construction and the inclusion of rare materials. A layer of lead inside the case prevents most scrying attempts and no external attack can affect the caseís contents until its hit points have been exhausted.

Component Ring: Simple or ornate, component rings bear a hinged section where their main stone would normally be located. Within this compartment, enough materials can be stored to cast a single spell of the wearerís choice. The Games Master may determine that some spells have components too bulky to be used in this way. Mageís component rings are an excellent way to ensure that a vital spellís materials are always on hand.

Concealing Ring: This ring has a large stone set in an ornate setting. The setting contains a cunningly concealed hinge and clasp, allowing the stone to rotate aside. Under the stone is a small compartment, capable of containing a single dose of poison or other powder. Anyone using this ring gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Pick Pocket skill checks to sneak the dose into food or drink.

Familiarís Pack: A way for familiars and animal companions to travel in style, this pack is crafted to provide comfort and protection for its occupant. Food pouches, a bladder for water, washable bedding and litter collection are all amenities the familiarís pack offers. If the familiar is subject to any attack that must pass through the pack to affect it, it gains a +7 cover bonus to its Armor Class. Reinforced plating can also be purchased, but this increases the packís weight and price; these extra panels provide a +3 armor bonus to the creature inside the pack at all times. This bonus stacks with any other form of armor bonus.

Fire Gloves: Many alchemists find that they need to handle very hot objects for extended periods of time. These gloves were made to meet that need. They have heavy hide on the palm surface, backed by nonconductive fibers from a particular kind of stone and a thin, metal mesh. The innermost layer is typically heavy cloth. The wearer of the gloves has a Ė2 circumstance penalty to any skill check requiring fine manipulation of objects. The gloves absorb 10 points of fire damage to the hands every round.

Neverweather Satchel: Triple-sealed and crafted with several layers of leather and other materials, neverweather satchels are important carrying containers when protection from exposure is a must. Items in a neverweather pouch cannot get wet, even if the satchel is completely submerged and nondamaging extremes of heat or cold cannot penetrate its insulated construction. If the wearer fails a saving throw on a natural 1, normally resulting in damage to carried items, a neverweather satchel receives a Fortitude save of its own using the wearerís base bonus or +5, whichever is higher. If this saving throw is successful, nothing within is damaged. Games Masters may determine that some damaging effects bypass the protection a neverweather satchel can provide.

Scroll Dispenser: Finding the right scroll during a heated combat can be difficult when contending not only with hostile creatures attempting to tear the spellcasterís head off, but also the accumulated junk and supplies so common in an adventurerís pack. The scroll dispenser alleviates this problem by allowing spellcasters to store up to twenty scrolls (five scrolls in four different compartments) in a single metal tube. When a release stud is pressed at the bottom tip of the tube, the next scroll in the corresponding compartment slides out from the bottom of the tube into the casterís waiting hand (the scroll may be retrieved with only one hand). If the dispenser is worn on a belt or harness, retrieving a scroll is a free action, but does provoke an attack of opportunity. Players should note the contents of each compartment and the order of scrolls within.

Surgeon's Kit: This kit of knives and sharpened flints incorporates very little metal. The mystical qualities of the items have been cleansed through intensive rituals and allow an arcane spellcaster to safely extract materials and body parts from creatures without contaminating them. The character using this kit receives a +2 circumstance bonus to all Heal checks made to extract materials from a dead

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