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The following list of fines are for the most common crimes facing a civilization.  GMs are encouraged to create alternate crimes and fines for specific kingdoms using this list as a basis alone. Some kingdoms and civilizations do not recognize some of these crimes or have vastly different crimes based upon their philosophy and allignment.

Fines for Crimes

Armed Robbery/Mugging 10,000 gp or 3 years
Attempted Murder 50,000 gp
Causing a Death 50,000 gp or 10 years
Disturbing the Peace 50 gp
Major Assault (with injuries) 20,000 gp or 5 years
Major Theft (over 2,000 gp value) 15,000 gp
Murder Death
Petty Theft (under 50 gp value) 100 gp
Public Intoxication 50 gp
Rape Death
Serious Assault 5,000 gp or 3 years
Simple Assault 100 gp
Theft by Deception 1,000 gp

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