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Alexandrite 500 gp
Amber 100 gp
Amethyst 100 gp
Aquamarine 500 gp
Aventurine 50 gp
Azurite 10 gp
Banded agate 10 gp
Black opal 1,000 gp
Black pearl 500 gp
Black star sapphire 1,000 gp
Bloodstone 50 gp
Blue quartz 10 gp
Carnelian 50 gp
Chalcedony 50 gp
Chrysoberyl 100 gp
Crysoprase 50 gp
Citrine 50 gp
Diamond 5,000 gp
Emerald 1,000 gp
Eye agate 10 gp
Fire agate 10 gp
Fire opal 1,000 gp
Freshwater pearl 10 gp
Garnet 100 gp
Hematite 10 gp
Hyaline 10 gp
Hydrophane 50 gp
Jacinth 5,000 gp
Jade 100 gp
Jasper 50 gp
Jet 100 gp
Lapis lazuli 10 gp
Malachite 10 gp
Moonstone 50 gp
Moss agate 10 gp
Nelvine 10 gp
Obsidian 10 gp
Onyx 50 gp
Peridot 50 gp
Phenalope 50 gp
Red garnet 100 gp
Rock crystal (clear quartz) 50 gp
Rose quartz 50 gp
Ruby 5,000 gp
Sapphire 1,000 gp
Sardonyx 50 gp
Smoky quartz 50 gp
Star rose quartz 50 gp
Star ruby 1,000 gp
Star sapphire 1,000 gp
Tiger eye agate 10 gp
Tiger eye turquoise 10 gp
Tourmaline 100 gp
Violet garnet 500 gp
Water opal 1,000 gp
White opal 1,000 gp
White pearl 100 gp
Zircon 50 gp

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