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Adventure Gear is generally considered what a character can reasonably carry with them while away from the safety of their home or temple.  In D&D, a character can buy just about anything if they gain enough gold but it is impractical and unrealistic to believe that adventurers would carry a large chest or a four poster bed while wandering around the countryside.  The item categories to the left represent equipment that can mainly be carried by a character on their person or with the aid of a mount.

Each Campaign world has it's unique system of currency and trade.  Below are commodity tables that give the basic currency equivalence that is found in most campaign worlds.  Not all of the commodities listed on the tables below will be available in your campaign world and you should ask your DM at the beginning of the campaign to clarify availability.  In most worlds, gold is the standard by which all currency is based.


1 gold piece is equivalent to:
100 Copper
10 Silver
5 Electrum*
1 Gold
1/10 Platinum
1/15 Adamantite*
1/50 Mithril*
* Not available in all campaigns
50 coins = 1 lb.


50 gp
500 gp
5,000 gp
10,000 gp
50,000 gp
100,000 gp
500,000 gp
Each bar weighs 5 pounds.


1 cp One pound of wheat
2 cp One pound of Flour, or one chicken
1 sp One pound of Iron
5 sp One pound of tobacco or copper
1 gp One pound of cinnamon, or one goat
2 gp One pound of ginger or pepper, or one sheep
3 gp One pig
4 gp One square yard of linen
5 gp One pound of salt or silver
10 gp One square yard of silk, or one cow
15 gp One pound of saffron or cloves, or one ox
50 gp One pound of gold
500 gp One pound of platinum

In general, a character can sell something for half its listed price.

Trade goods are the exception to the half-price rule. A trade good, in this sense, is a valuable good that can be easily exchanged almost as if it were cash itself.

The listings here come from Dungeons and Dragons supplements as well as several sources from the internet.  Prices in official supplements override anything on this webpage.  The prices that I have settled on take into account availability and "import" costs for exotic items.  DMs are encouraged to use common sense when adjusting price due to non-standard campaign settings.  Also, I know that I have made errors here so please be patient with me.

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