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Sacred Oils

A major component of ceremonial work, sacred oils are used for a variety of important tasks. They anoint tools, line the inside of altar cases, attune the ritualist himself through their scent and streak the sides of engraved candles burned during ceremonies. Sacred oils bring together many other powerful ingredients, including herbs, organic essences and ground gemstones. A single vial of sacred oil can be the culmination of dozens of rare and expensive components.

Sacred oil is often a time-consuming construction, taking days to formulate properly. One part alchemy, one part ritual magic, crafting sacred oils is a ceremony in itself. Special times of day must be observed, prayers must be chanted over the creation equipment and costly containers must be used to hold the final product lest it lose its spiritual potency.

Non-magical sacred oils are taken very seriously as part of religious doctrine, but enchanted versions can also be made. Considered a subset of potion creation, magical sacred oils can only be brewed by divine spellcasters with at least five ranks in Knowledge (Alchemy). Sacred oils are erroneously thought of as weaker versions of true potions because of their often-incongruous durations and effects. Unfortunately, this means sacred oils are not usually available for sale. More often, they can be found within the confines of a temple or other religious institution as the work of a cloistered priest.

Regardless of their origin or method of purchase, enchanted sacred oils are all used the same way. To gain the benefits of a sacred oil, the user must cover his hands with it and rub it gently across his temples and both sides of his neck. Inhaling the aroma of sacred oil then activates its magic. This lengthy anointing makes using sacred oil a full round action. The primary benefit of sacred oil over a potion is that, once applied, the effects of the oil cannot be dispelled by arcane magic.

Sacred Oil Cost (per vial) Effect
Ash, Oak, and Thorn 200 gp Protection from evil for one full hour.
Briarwood 85 gp User gains DR 1/- for one hour
Cedar 100 gp User is immune to inhaled toxins
Diamond 350 gp Divine favor , at caster level 9.
Erinye's Tears 125 gp

Charm person on next target of opposite gender that comes within 10 feet of user.

Feywing 150 gp Air walk, ten minutes duration.
Hellstorm 175 gp

Resist elements, at caster level 5.

Jasper and Yarrow 200 gp +1 luck bonus to all rolls
Leafrot 180 gp

Plants touching user during next hour must make a Fortitude save (DC 16) or wither and die. Plant creatures take 6d6 once, 3d6 with successful save.

Myrrh 50 gp

Grants a +1 sacred bonus to wearerís next saving throw versus an undeadís special attack.

Nightshade 150 gp

Userís next kiss within one minute is poisonous (DC 18); Initial damage 1d4 Strength, Secondary 1d4 Constitution.

Purity 210 gp Aid for one minute.
Ritual Focus 300 gp

+1 effective caster level on the userís next spell cast within one minute.

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