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Standard Outfits


Weight 1

Artisanís outfit

1 gp

4 lb.

Beekeeper's Outfit 9 gp

4 lb.

Cleric's Traveling Outfit 50 gp

10 lb.

Clericís vestments

5 gp

6 lb.

Cold weather outfit

8 gp

7 lb.

Courtierís outfit

30 gp

6 lb.

Desert outfit 6 gp

3 lb.

Double-sided clothes 50 gp

8 lb.

Elegant Clothes 320 gp

9 lb.

Entertainerís outfit

3 gp

4 lb.

Explorerís outfit

10 gp

8 lb.

Jester's outfit 4 gp

3 lb.

Monkís outfit

5 gp

2 lb.

Nobleís outfit

75 gp

10 lb.

Peasantís outfit

1 sp

2 lb.

Royal outfit

200 gp

15 lb.

Scholarís outfit

5 gp

6 lb.

Spelunker's outfit 5 gp

9 lb.

Travelerís outfit

1 gp

5 lb.

  1. These items weigh one-quarter this amount when made for Small characters. Containers for Small characters also carry one-quarter the normal amount.

Artisanís Outfit: This outfit includes a shirt with buttons, a skirt or pants with a drawstring, shoes, and perhaps a cap or hat. It may also include a belt or a leather or cloth apron for carrying tools.

Beekeeper's Outfit: This outfit includes a padded shirt and thick breeches, elbow length gloves and high boots.  Unique for this outfit is the oversized wool cap with wire mesh covering the face opening.

Clericís Traveling Outfit: Fancy robes may be appropriate in a high church during a sacred ceremony, but when priests are traveling out amongst their diocese or journeying from town to town, something a little less ostentatious might be called for. A clericís traveling outfit is much like standard clerical vestments but the clothes are more durable and suited to travel and adventure.

Clericís Vestments: These ecclesiastical clothes are for performing priestly functions, not for adventuring.

Cold Weather Outfit: A cold weather outfit includes a wool coat, linen shirt, wool cap, heavy cloak, thick pants or skirt, and boots. This outfit grants a +5 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saving throws against exposure to cold weather.

Courtierís Outfit: This outfit includes fancy, tailored clothes in whatever fashion happens to be the current style in the courts of the nobles. Anyone trying to influence nobles or courtiers while wearing street dress will have a hard time of it (Ė2 penalty on Charisma-based skill checks to influence such individuals). If you wear this outfit without jewelry (costing an additional 50 gp), you look like an out-of-place commoner.

Desert Outfit: This outfit is a full set of lightweight clothing for those exposed to the brutal attention of the desert sun.  It includes soft boots, light colored cloth breeches, a light colored vest, a tan colored traveling cloak, and a cloth clap with extra folds that unroll to cover the neck and shoulders.

Double-sided Clothes: This is either a Cleric's Outfit, Explorer's Outfit, Monk's Outfit, or Traveler's Outfit.  The clothing has two layers and is reversible to change colors or hide/display emblems.

Elegant Clothes: Extremely fine attire, elegant clothes are to a courtierís outfit what a fine silk shirt is to a burlap sack. Simply wearing these clothes suggests wealth and power in the right circles, though they suggest arrogance and elitism in the wrong ones. Both assumptions may be true or false, depending on the wearer, but the effect remains nonetheless. The Games Master will determine who would be impressed by such finery and who would be offended by it. Impressed individuals grant a +2 circumstance bonus to Bluff, Intimidate and Gather Information checks used against them. Offended persons impart a -2 circumstance penalty to the same skills.

Entertainerís Outfit: This set of flashy, perhaps even gaudy, clothes is for entertaining. While the outfit looks whimsical, its practical design lets you tumble, dance, walk a tightrope, or just run (if the audience turns ugly).

Explorerís Outfit: This is a full set of clothes for someone who never knows what to expect. It includes sturdy boots, leather breeches or a skirt, a belt, a shirt (perhaps with a vest or jacket), gloves, and a cloak. Rather than a leather skirt, a leather overtunic may be worn over a cloth skirt. The clothes have plenty of pockets (especially the cloak). The outfit also includes any extra items you might need, such as a scarf or a wide-brimmed hat.

Jesterís Outfit: Complete with brightly colored sashes, comic shoes and bells, the jesterís outfit will allow any skilled bard to properly play the fool.

Monkís Outfit: This simple outfit includes sandals, loose breeches, and a loose shirt, and is all bound together with sashes. The outfit is designed to give you maximum mobility, and itís made of high-quality fabric. You can hide small weapons in pockets hidden in the folds, and the sashes are strong enough to serve as short ropes.

Nobleís Outfit: This set of clothes is designed specifically to be expensive and to show it. Precious metals and gems are worked into the clothing. To fit into the noble crowd, every would-be noble also needs a signet ring (see Adventuring Gear, above) and jewelry (worth at least 100 gp).

Peasantís Outfit: This set of clothes consists of a loose shirt and baggy breeches, or a loose shirt and skirt or overdress. Cloth wrappings are used for shoes.

Royal Outfit: This is just the clothing, not the royal scepter, crown, ring, and other accoutrements. Royal clothes are ostentatious, with gems, gold, silk, and fur in abundance.

Scholarís Outfit: Perfect for a scholar, this outfit includes a robe, a belt, a cap, soft shoes, and possibly a cloak.

Spelunker's Outfit: This set of clothing consists of boots, wool breeches, a sturdy belt, a wool shirt, and a vest covered in pouches and straps to hold extra equipment and gear.

Travelerís Outfit: This set of clothes consists of boots, a wool skirt or breeches, a sturdy belt, a shirt (perhaps with a vest or jacket), and an ample cloak with a hood.

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