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Spell, 0-level

Caster level x 5 gp1

Spell, 1st-level

Caster level x 10 gp1

Spell, 2nd-level

Caster level x 20 gp1

Spell, 3rd-level

Caster level x 30 gp1

Spell, 4th-level

Caster level x 40 gp1

Spell, 5th-level

Caster level x 50 gp1

Spell, 6th-level

Caster level x 60 gp1

Spell, 7th-level

Caster level x 70 gp1

Spell, 8th-level

Caster level x 80 gp1

Spell, 9th-level

Caster level x 90 gp1

1 See spell description for additional costs. If the additional costs put the spellís total cost above 3,000 gp, that spell is not generally available.

Spell: The indicated amount is how much it costs to get a spellcaster to cast a spell for you. This cost assumes that you can go to the spellcaster and have the spell cast at his or her convenience (generally at least 24 hours later, so that the spellcaster has time to prepare the spell in question). If you want to bring the spellcaster somewhere to cast a spell you need to negotiate with him or her, and the default answer is no.

The cost given is for a spell with no cost for a material component or focus component and no XP cost. If the spell includes a material component, add the cost of that component to the cost of the spell.

If the spell has a focus component (other than a divine focus), add 1/10 the cost of that focus to the cost of the spell. If the spell has an XP cost, add 5 gp per XP lost.

Furthermore, if a spell has dangerous consequences, the spellcaster will certainly require proof that you can and will pay for dealing with any such consequences (that is, assuming that the spellcaster even agrees to cast such a spell, which isnít certain). In the case of spells that transport the caster and characters over a distance, you will likely have to pay for two castings of the spell, even if you arenít returning with the caster.

In addition, not every town or village has a spellcaster of sufficient level to cast any spell. In general, you must travel to a small town (or larger settlement) to be reasonably assured of finding a spellcaster capable of casting 1st-level spells, a large town for 2nd-level spells, a small city for 3rd- or 4th-level spells, a large city for 5th- or 6th-level spells, and a metropolis for 7th- or 8th-level spells. Even a metropolis isnít guaranteed to have a local spellcaster able to cast 9th-level spells.

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