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Alchemist, per month 300 gp
Architect, per month 200 gp
Armorer, per month 100 gp
Bath 3 cp
Blacksmith, per month 30 gp
Carpenter, per month 5 gp
Clerk, per letter 2 sp
Clerk, per month 8 gp

Coach cab

3 cp per mile

Engineer, per month 150 gp
Groom, per month 1 gp
Guide, in city (per day) 2 sp
Guide, outside city (per day) 5 sp

Hireling, trained

3 sp per day

Hireling, untrained

1 sp per day

Huntsman, per month 10 gp
Laborer, per month 1 gp
Lady of the Evening varies
     Lower class 1 sp
     Middle class 5 gp
     Upper class 100 gp
Lantern or Torchbearer (per night) 1 sp
Laundry (by load) 1 cp


2 cp per mile

Minstrel (per performance) 3 gp

Road or gate toll

1 cp

Scribe, per month 15 gp

Ship’s passage

1 sp per mile

Stonemason, per month 4 gp
Teamster, with wagon 1 sp per mile
Weaponsmith, per month 100 gp

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