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Good Alignment

Good characters try to be honest and charitable.  A good character tends to wish to help others even at the expense of themselves.  A good character usually will help those in need, even if the help places the character in grave danger.  Good characters are not perfect, they are just as fallible as any others.  Even though a good character may have altruistic ideals, sometimes actions just appear to be evil.  The mark of a good character is that they recognize when they do wrong and try to correct their errors.

Good is a social and cultural value.  What one culture views as abominable (like slavery, gender oppression, etc.), another may view as normal and expected.  A character's alignment is gauged by what they believe.  The motives behind their actions is more important than what the culture sees as the "right" behind what they do.  A paladin who rides at the head of his monarch's army in conquest of a rival nation is a good act.  The fact that the conquest provides many slaves for the market is a mere cultural consequence.

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