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Neutral Alignment

Neutral characters tend to take a balanced view of the universe.  They see the balance between good and evil, law and chaos.  Neutral characters tend to not have strong views about the "right" of a situation beyond immediate concerns and needs.  Animals tend to be neutral due to the fact that they are concerned only with immediate needs.  When they are hungry, they eat; when they are sleepy, they find shelter; and when they are threatened, they fight.  Neutral characters tend not to be worried about moral or ethical concerns when they act.

Although this seems like simplicity, a neutral character may also expound upon the balance as a needed thing for the universe.  These characters seek to maintain a balance by keeping themselves out of the arguments and battles between good and evil.  For some of these people, it is out of either a lack of conviction or a simple absence of motivation.  Neutral characters tend to work within the laws of a government for sheer simplicity as well as hang around good creatures for safety.  This doesn't mean that they prefer good or law but that chaotic or evil creatures tend to be less safe to be around.

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