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Arcane Articles

Here are a collection of articles and files that one may find useful if playing an arcane spellcaster. 

The Net Libram of Random Magical Effects
A nice PDF of 10,000 possible wild surges.  There is a full introduction including a basic overview wild surges in D&D and even gives instructions on how to roll a d10000. 
Complete Spell ListPDF A full listing of all 3.5 Edition spells sorted alphabetically with short descriptions of the spells and their affects.
Sorcerer/Wizard Spell List PDF 3.5 Edition Spellsheet for Wizards and Sorcerers
Expanded SheetPDF This is an expanded spell sheet for any class that allows the player to customize their spell selection and have it in a handy reference similar to the official spell sheets distributed for the individual classes.

Reference Sheets
General Magic Reference sheetPDF Sorcerer Class Reference SheetPDF Wizard Class Reference SheetPDF
  Bard Class Reference SheetPDF  

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