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Aside from pouches, robes, and components, sometimes an arcane spellcaster needs a little more in his arsenal for those times when spells alone are not enough.  With the judicious use of skill allotment, a spellcaster can find himself not just a magical engine of destruction but a valued member of the party in almost any situation.  For instance, a character who puts points in a combination of craft, knowledge, or profession will find that he is not reliant upon his spell selection or other party members to earn gold.  By putting skill points in these areas, he can create a completely alternate persona to use when traveling or during times when the revelation of his true identity would be a detriment.

Feat selection is by far more important than most players grant to arcane casters.  Although arcane spell failure for armor is often prohibitive, with careful selection and manufacture an arcane caster can find that certain types of armor become beneficial enough to spend a precious feat slot on gaining the appropriate armor proficiency.  Weapon selections for arcane casters are somewhat limited but still useful enough for simple protection, however spending a feat to gain proficiency in a high damage weapon is well worth the investment.  Consider the spellcaster who spends a feat to pick up proficiency in a Greatsword or a Longbow.  They become just as useful as non-spellcasters in combat situations.  That is a very useful ability when one begins to run low on spells or is thrown against a magic resistant foe.

Sangel, a wandering sorcerer masquerading as a warrior for hire is a prime example of an arcane spellcaster who has abilities and skills not typical for the spell slinging archetype.

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