The Shattered Commonalty
The Newsletter of Traykon Lore
Volume 1
Oct. 02, 2001

The War of Attrition
(An accounting of the war as related by the Gasalt monks)

Yarr's army grew to nearly five thousand strong before they launched their attack on Kashagar.  The army of Yarr marched north from the city of Corigsant and planned to overwhelm the Druidic Council that ruled the small northern province.  On Gvalir the 8th in the T'loric year of 526, the assault began and all intelligence said that Kashagar's forces had withdrawn away from their borders.  The generals of Yarr were sure of a quick victory.

As the soldiers of Yarr began to march, storm clouds gathered in the skys.  Confident in their numbers and the priests of Pelor who blessed the troops, Yarr's generals ordered the horde forward.  Bolstered by some ancient magic, the druids of Kashagar somehow managed to call up a Storm of Wrath.  Ancient religious texts refer to this vicious magical storm as "the lands vengeance upon the living."  The forces of Yarr were caught in a deluge that drowned over a thousand soldiers.  The lightening strikes and tornado landings claimed the lives of another thousand before the priests of Pelor could calm the storm.

The forces of Yarr retreated back to Corigsant where the remnants of the storm followed.  Large hail stones rained down upon the city doing mass destruction.  The city council "asked" Yarr's generals to take their forces back into Yarr's lands.  Duke Isor, the diplomatic envoy from Yarr, ordered the generals to gather their troops and return to Yarr.  Before the forces had left Corigsant, Duke Isor bought one of the larger abandoned homes in the city and declared it Yarr's embassy.

Lord Minix of Yarr has officially declared a holy war against Kashagar.  Intelligence reports from within Yarr indicate that Yarr's formidable army is being bolstered by strange new allies.  Although the exact nature of these allies is unknown, rumors persist that these allies will bring magic of their own to fight the Druid rulers of Kashagar.  Attempts to infiltrate Yarr's forces are still being thwarted by the Justicars.  Trade in weapons and food is at an all time high as the entire kingdom of Kashagar prepares for a long war with Yarr.

Lord Minix of Yarr
(The story about his ascension to Lordship)

In the year 471, King Minix was crowned the ruler of Yarr.  His small kingdom was a disappointment to the ambitious young King.  Sources close to the crown say that the young king wanted to expand his domain but had longstanding peace treaties will all of his neighbors.  Historians and gossip-mongers alike were all prepared to record Minix's reign as banal and unmomentous.
In the year 498, tensions along his northeastern border with the badlands erupted as a small horde of goblins streamed into Yarr.  The goblins looted and pillaged everything they came across.  Minix had only a small army at this point.  Years of relative peace and prosperity made his kingdom ripe for bandits and raiders like these goblins.

It was at this time that Minix was granted a "vision" from the gods.  Minix told close friends and advisors that a deity had visited him in the night while he slept.  Theologians believe that it was either the avatar of Pelor or the avatar of Tyr that visited Minix that night.  The vision that they gave to him was one of a vast kingdom, joined together under the common flag of Yarr and ruled by Minix himself.  That night, the deity place into his mind the "blueprints" of this new republic and blessed him by granting him divine right to rule as the Lord of this new Yarr.

Two years later, Minix's dream began to come true as the ruler of northern kingdom of Valin died without an heir and the council of elders looked to Minix to lead in the interim.  Minix proposed his new republic to the council and Valin became the second state of the Republic of Yarr.  Over the next several years, the surrounding baronies joined Yarr in this new republic.  Still, Minix's dream of a grand empire was not realized until the great war of 520.  Yarr was at war with its north western neighbor, Pakulle.  The King of Pakulle had hired Hobgoblin mercenaries to harry Yarr's forces and disrupt supply lines along Yarr's borders.

Duke Isor held a small barony to the south of Yarr and was a buffer between Yarr and the city-state of Blacksway.  Lord Minix new that any hopes he had of a powerful republic would be dashed if he couldn't get these two powerful entities to join his republic.  To secure Isor's aid, Minix sent tribute in the form of one hundred thousand gold pieces to Isor to entice him into joining the war against Pakulle.  The hobgoblin mercenaries learned of the deal and overtook the emissaries stealing the gold as well as the message asking for Isor's aid.  Luckily for Minix, a group of adventurers managed to slay most of the hobgoblins and send the message to Isor.

Isor was enraged that the hobgoblin mercenaries would strike within his domain and steal something that rightfully belonged to him.  Isor's highly trained bowmen joined Yarr's army at the front line and Isor's barony became the nineteenth state of the Republic of Yarr.  Once Isor joined Minix, he had enough force of arms to defeat Pakulle and take the kingdom by force.

Three years later, Blacksway joined the republic giving Yarr an iron hold in the center of Traykon.  The price of their joining was no Justicars within their lands, a restriction that Minix agonized over before acceding to.  The only kingdoms that could threaten Yarr were far away, giving Minix a sense of security.  Heading his divine vision, Minix began sending "diplomatic" missions to the surrounding kingdoms to invite them into the republic.

It was one of these failed missions that sparked the war between Kashagar and Yarr.  Rumor has it that the daughter of one of Kashagar's Druids is imprisoned in Yarr for thievery.  Since Yarr has a "unique" way of handling prisoners, the druid demanded his daughter be returned.  When the envoy told him it wasn't going to happen, the druid struck him dead.  Minix was so outraged that he mobilized his forces and began to march to Kashagar to enact justice.

Storm of Wrath
Level:  None (Communal magic is given only to devout followers of nature in dire emergencies)
Components: V, S, M/DF
Casting Time: Special
Range:  5 miles per participant
Area:  1 mile per participant in ritual.
Duration:  One minute per participant.
Saving Throw: Special
Spell Resistance: No

This divine spell is only granted to Druids and followers of Nature.  In order for this spell to be granted, a group of devout followers must gather together and pray for the spell.  The participants must go into a secluded area and pray for 24 hours to be granted the divine favor.  Once granted, the participants have one week to complete the ritual that evokes the power of the Storm of Wrath or they have to start over again in prayer.  The ritual casting of this spell requires at least 12 people and a focus for their magical energy.  Normal focuses are druid ponds or large cauldrons.  Once the ritual is begun, the participants focus on the ritual leader and "give their power" to him to evoke the magic.  It takes four hours for the storm to form.  If a storm is already present in the area, the casting time is halved.  Unlike most spells, this spell pulls energy from both the divine and the casters.  The leader of the ritual sets the direction that the spell will take effect as well as the general area that will be affected first.  Once the spell is completed, the participants suffer the ill effects explained later.

When the storm forms, torrential rains will sweep the area of effect causing flooding in seconds.  Most creatures caught out in the rains will have to seek shelter quickly or suffer the chance of being swept away by a river suddenly appearing in their path.  The rains will last the entire time the storm persists.  Creatures without shelter run the risk of drowning in the rain, even if they are not submerged.  Spellcasters caught in the rain must make a Concentration check (DC 20) to cast spells.  Three minutes into the storm, the wind begins and can reach gusts over one hundred miles per hour.  Most structures will collapse in such treatment.  After eight minutes, mini-tornadoes will form randomly.  Creatures caught in the path of a tornado must make a Reflex save (DC 30) or be picked up and bashed about for 20d6 damage.  If the storm lasts longer than twelve minutes, large hail stones will form in the rain doing 2d6 damage to anything they strike.

Casting this spell is hazardous on many levels.  The ritual drains the participants of all spell energies making them unable to cast spells for 48 hours.  This drain includes any arcane spells that the participant is able to cast.  Whoever leads the ritual must also make a Willpower save (DC 25) or loose one level from his highest class.  The spell also has the nasty habit of straying from its target.  After the spells duration expires, the spell will begin to drift in a random direction.  The spell looses power quickly but the torrential rains and other effects can decimate a large area and possibly even come back to affect the casters.  Once the duration expires, the storm becomes a normal storm that travels and dissipates as normal.

Reports from the Drageene

(Due to the two locations, reports are now being written out.)

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