Old News

No pun intended.  I have moved my short lived news section here and transferred my news method to a Blog RSS feed.  Hopefully it will be easier and more comprehensive of site changes.  The full Blog can be found HERE.

November 29, 2005 I have updated my section on Gods, adding new deities and pantheons.  I also hyperlinked all the domain listings so with a simple click you can view a domain straight from the deity listing.  Elementals and their kin have been added to the Bestiary.  Added a 300+ random Famous Last Words database just below the poll, enjoy.  Went ahead and changed to the Featured Article for December.
November 16, 2005 I updated the Weapons section under Equipment Lists.  This week I suffered a tragedy in that a uncle died.  I also have another uncle in ICU right now on full life support.  They do not expect him to live for more than a few days more.  I probably won't be updating anything until the end of the month because of this.
November 10, 2005 I have just uploaded a few new program files as well as relocated my Fonts section to this site so it is no longer being hosted off site.  Also I have put the spells from the SRD online for easy reference in the spell section.  I plan on hyper-linking spell lists and domain listings with the actual spells in the future.  As you can imagine, that is quite an undertaking so it may take a while.  I'm working on a new section right now that gives planar information as well as info on the denizens and interactions with Traykon. 
Nov 1, 2005 I am running out of space on the site having used approximately 89% of my available disk allotment of 50mb.  I will be requesting more space from the host and it should be available soon for future growth.  I changed the poll last night and have uploaded a new section on character creation that is yet unfinished but should be very helpful as is.  The Extras are underwent a major overhaul as new items were added and some of the external links were redirected or removed.
Oct 11, 2005 After much debate and consideration, I have decided to reopen my site news area.  All of my old site news I have deleted since it was last open in 2003 so we are starting fresh here.  This time when the news section gets too large I will archive old news to the site archive section so the page will load in reasonable time.  I just uploaded corrections and fixes to several files that were having display problems.  I thank those users who emailed me to let me know of the individual files.  Also I have fixed the Programs section to where now the files should download for users.  Just follow the instructions at the top of the page.
Old News: With the introduction of 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons, many of the rules and several basic character classes have been radically changed.  While I agree with many of the changes, some of them appear to be for purely commercial reasons.  This has caused me to make my games a hybrid of 3rd edition and 3.5 edition.  While most of my information fits into the "D20" format, not all of it will comply with the newest edition of the game.

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