What is your favorite edition of D&D
3.5 Edition 50.5%
2nd Edition (AD&D) 19.7%
4th Edition 13.5%
3rd Edition 9.4%
1st Edition 7.0%

Total votes: 748
Version 2.08

This poll was left up for about a year while I was rewriting the site and dealing with other issues including trying to find a substitute for 3.5 D&D. Although I was rewriting and recoding parts of my site, I wasn't updating the site by uploading the changes. While I would have loved to have seen TORG revived but it is currently owned by a German company and is slated for update in 2012 as to their plans for resurrecting the game. For a long time I was left disappointed with what was available. The Pathfinder system was shown to my by a member of my old gaming group and we have begun to play games under this new system. Now that my D&D drive is back, I will be updating the site more often.

Also, I have to confess that one of the reasons this poll has stood for so long is that I have forgotten the administrative UID and Password associated with the SQL interface. Simple apathy has kept me from doing anything about it. I am endeavoring to fix the situation with the poll now.