Oblivion 3E Poll
What do you think would make the Ranger class more balanced.

More Access to Spells 10 (9%)

More Feats 45 (44%)

Increased Casting ability 4 (3%)

Extra Special Abilities 15 (14%)

Alternate Ability Uses 9 (8%)

Extra Skill Points 3 (2%)

Extra Skills 1 (0%)

Its fine the way it is. 7 (6%)

Its already the best! 3 (2%)

I don't like rangers.... 5 (4%)

102 Total votes

get gear
In 2002 there was a huge debate amongst gamers and publishers about the Ranger class.  All benefits of the class were gained at level 1 so it became the prime multi-class choice as well as the class with the least incentive to level up.  I toyed with a few ideas for my campaigns and even came up with an alternate system for favored enemy that closely resembled a rogues special abilities at high level.  I wanted to get other's opinions on what would be a good way to make the class better overall.  The opinion that was pushed most was granting the rangers more feats like a fighter's bonus feats.  I play tested that once, and it was a horrible mistake.  The changes that later came about in 3.5 took a hybrid view of ranger progression and powers.  These changes made the ranger much more balanced and enjoyable to play.  I can't remember how long I allowed this poll to run, but it took a while to get good comments and suggestions.

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