History of the Knights of Thorne

The Knights of Thorne resulted from a holy union 600 years before the Magewars. Zerhtain, the High Templar of Jharlamak, willingly underwent a strange ritual. Thorne sought a protector for his children.  Knowing that his gift of magic would only aide the mages so much he wanted to give them allies that would make their abilities complete. And so with this came the Crowing of the first Knight of Thorne. Soon many templars followed the Great Zerhtain’s lead and the Knights of Thorne grew into an organization that became synonymous with the mages. The Knights grew, as did their reputation.

They served willingly but some of the mages began to take advantage of their selfless behavior.  Bound by code the Knights could do nothing against their commanders.  A young Knight of Thorne, Lurcien, saw how the Knights were being treated and attempted to spur a rebellion.  The rebellion failed and Lurcien escaped with a small band of loyal followers.  This group twisted the blessings of Thorne into a code of their own. This code was bent on the destruction of the Mages and reunification with their brethren.  The Knights of Thorne mourned the lose of their comrades and continued to serve the mages.

Their was a great rift in the mages as they split into two factions the Mystics and the Runeweavers. Soon after, the mages grew even more power hungry and the powerful ones sought to kill each other. The mages went to war and for the first time in history the Knights of Thorne were forced to fight each other.  Many Knights of Thorne perished.  Thorne saw what was happening and he was struck very deeply, for the gift of magic he had given his children were causing them to kill each other.  Knowing that punishment was the only course Thorne withdrew the Knights of Thorne to his home, Halkryrie. The Knights of Thorne Vanished from Traykon at the beginning of what would be known as the Year of Sorrows and the mages were left to fight their own battles.

Vowing that he would not return with his gift of magic until the time was right. He also swore that he would not give the aid of the Knights of Thorne until it was appreciated. Without the protection of the Knights the priests of Tlor, with the help of the Fallen Thornes, attacked the mages and activated the veil.  The mages then disappeared and true arcane magic was not seen for 500 years.

Seeing the pain that his children were forced to endure Thorne decided that they had suffered enough and that it was time that he aided them again. The veil was weakened and Thorne gave his gift of magic back to his children.  Knowing that this would not be enough to keep the awakening T'lor at bay, Thorne was forced to do more than he wished.  He brought the Knights of Thorne back into the world to unite with their old allies.

Now changes have been made to the code. The Knights no longer have to follow a mages order to attack another mage or Knight of Thorne unless the Knight feels their Charge is in danger. A mage is only allowed to have one Knight of Thorne in his service at a time.  If at anytime the mage wrongs the Knight he may abolish all bindings to the mage. Now they not only protect the mages but also seek to bring magic back.

Created by Josh Morris