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The Elven Pantheon

Creation stories for the Elven Pantheon vary, but the pantheon as group gained a foothold in Traykon during the time of the first great cataclysm.  Widespread worship began during the Age of Darkness.  With the founding of the kingdom of Teledorn the Elven Pantheon gained immense power by being the dominant religion of the magocracy. Many shrines are dedicated to the Elf Gods but their temples can only be found in large cities.  Worship of these gods tends to take place in natural settings such as a sacred grove or grassy knoll.

Clerics can worship the Pantheon as a whole without paying particular devotion to any one deity over the others.  These priests are normally found in small elven towns or outposts and seek the betterment of elves as a whole.  Pantheon priests can be any Chaotic alignment and wear clothing the color of the seasons.  They can choose any two domains that appear under any elven deity's profile. 


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Aerdrie Faenya
Weather Goddess
Air, Chaos, Healing, Weather As goddess of the wind and storms Aerdrie Faenya is revered by all who are involved in agriculture and depend upon her good grace for their livelihood.  She has few clerics but many elven druids consider her their patron goddess.  Aerdrie teaches that freedom is in the blood of all elves.  She also teaches that only through chaos may new life be born. 
Corellon Larethian
Elf Father
Chaos, Community, Creation, Good, Protection, War Corellon is the Creator of the race of Elves and the nominal leader of the Elven Pantheon.  Clerics devoted to Corellon tend to wear white robes.  His favored weapon is the Long Sword.  He has a traditional conflict with Gruumsh and long ago cut his eye out.
Deep Sashelas
Sea God
Good, Luck, Travel, Water The patron deity of Aquatic Elves.  Although completely devoted to the care and protection of the seas and oceans, Deep Sashelas still answers to Corellon and abides by the wishes of the rest of the Elven Pantheon.  His clerics and druids are either aquatic or live near large bodies of water.  He concerns himself with the preservation of the deep as well as keeping the threats of the great dark such as the evil aquatic races in check.  Those who sail or fish his waters offer prayers and gifts to please him and beseech his blessings.
Moon Goddess


Chaos, Darkness, Good, Luck, Travel The youngest daughter of Corellon Larethian, Eilistraee is wild and disobedient.  She revels in song and dance and enjoys watching her followers give in to their passions.  Clerics of Eilistraee travel widely between elven settlements.  On nights of the full moon they gather together with the faithful and dance naked under the stars.
Hanali Celanil
Romance Goddess
Charm, Healing, Luck, Magic The god of beauty and love, Hanali Celanil is a vane deity who concerns himself with passion and love above all else.  His clerics are often called upon to perform marriages but the deity himself is more concerned with love than the bonds of marriage itself. 
Labelas Enoreth
God of Time
Artifice, Celerity, Chaos, Knowledge, Repose Labelas Enoreth is considered the limeless master who granted the elves their long life.  He is also the keeper of history.  Labelas has few clerics.  They are often studious keepers of lore who spend their time keeping histories of the people and salvaging knowledge for future generations. 
Rillifane Rallathil
The Leaflord
Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Sun The great elven deity of nature and life, Rillifane Rallathil reveres all things in nature and holds life sacred.  He is an ancient deity who predates even Corellon.  Some sages believe this deity is an aspect of Yggdrasil or Silvanus but his elven clerics deny such claims. 
Sehanine Moonbow
Goddess of Mystery
Air, Chaos, Darkness, Luck Often called the Lady of Dreams, Sehanine is another goddess associated with the moon.  Her power is said to wax and wane with the moon itself.  She is the goddess of dreams, illusion, and the mysteries held within the dark of night.  Her clerics are mysterious and secretive.
Solonor Thelandira
God of Hunting
Animal, Earth, Strength, Trickery, War This solitary deity seldom mixes with the rest of the pantheon.  Instead he is content to patrol the fringes of the elven realms ever vigilant for threats from outside.  He is a favorite deity of elven rangers and his priests often find themselves far away from civilization.  His favored weapon is the Longbow. 
Erevan Ilesere
God of Trickery
Chaos, Darkness, Luck, Trickery Erevan Ilesere is chaos incarnate.  His delights in spreading mayhem for the sheer joy.  Despite this, his pranks are seldom serious or life threatening but more of an embarrassment or annoyance.  His clerics are very unorganized and seldom hold ceremonies but instead lead the faithful by example in disrupting order and frustrating the serious.  Even though Erevan is so carefree and chaotic, he harbors a deep devotion to the elven race and will not tolerate stronger or oppressive forces striking against the elves. 
Fenmarel Mestarine
God of Protection
Magic, Protection, Repose, Strength Much like his brother Solonor Thelandira, Fenmarel Mestarine is a solitary deity.  However, he is very cynical and an outcast from the rest of the elven pantheon by choice.  He teaches through his clerics that life is harsh and full of betrayal.  Only through constant vigilance and a ready hand may one evade the stroke of one's enemy.  Just as his brother, he patrols the outskirts of elven lands watching for threats.  His followers tend to be outcasts from the rest of elven society.  He is the patron of Wild Elves and prides himself on their independence and strength.  He is also considered as a funerary deity in many places.  He teaches that the dead should pass to the realms beyond and is unmerciful to the undead or their masters.
God of Thieves
Darkness, Luck, Travel, Trickery Dark and secretive, this elven Deity is an outcast amongst all others in the pantheon.  He teaches his followers to be greedy and willing to do almost anything for personal gain.  His clerics always hide their identities and his followers are typically the most vile thieves of the elven race.  He is the patron of elven assassins and all those who traffic in evil in the shadows.
Goddess of Undead
Death, Destruction, Disease, Thaumaturgy Corellon's greatest failure is often considered to be his loss of Klanransalee, his oldest daughter.  Corellon cursed her mortal lover for great acts of blasphemy as an undead apparition, but she joined him as a willing concubine despite his unholy form.  Fleeing the rest of the pantheon for the demonic realms, she swore vengeance for her lover's state.  Her priests are great necromancers who also traffic with fiends.  Few elves will speak her name openly for fear of her wrath. 
The Spider Goddess
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery Loth holds little power in Traykon.  Although she managed to bring a small group of her children into the realm through one of the black gateways, too few of them managed the crossing to be a dominant force in the underground of Traykon.  Consequently, she has expanded her efforts to coax surface elves to turn down dark pathways of treachery and betrayal.

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