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Loviatar (Intermediate Goddess)
Black Heart, The Frost Maiden, Maiden of Pain

Symbol: Cat O' Nine Tails
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Cold, Pain, Suffering
Worshipers: Assassins, Necromancers, Torturers
Cleric Alignment: LN, LE, NE
Domains: Evil, Ice, Law, Trickery
Favored Weapon:  Whip 

Blade Whip

Loviatar is the goddess of pain and suffering.  She delights in inflicting pain on others and often descends to the Material Plane to sate her wicked desires.  Loviatar often appears as a beautiful blonde human woman with blood red lips.  Her followers are sadists who inflict harm onto others for the shear enjoyment of it.  Worshipers of Loviatar believe that only through pain may they reach a pure state.

She is worshiped in the far north as a winter goddess.  Blizzards are blamed on her disfavor.  She is feared instead of worshiped.  Her clerics wear blue or white robes with red trim.

Also worshiped as the great seductress, Loviatar is said to have tristed with many kings and deities bearing numerous deadly abominations into the world. Priests of Loviatar who expouse this aspect of the goddess are always female and dress seductively when not in cerimonial attire. Cerimonial robes tend to be white or red with blue trim.

History/Relationships: Loviatar came to Traykon during the height of the Valisald Empire.  A small cult dedicated to her sprung up and her power began to grow.  After the Year of Sorrows, her power was magnified as thousands more came to worship her.

Most good deities despise Loviatar.  Bronn particularly hates her. Loviatar is associated with Ebrim and is often depicted as his lover.

Dogma: Loviatar teaches that pain is a cleansing agent.  Only through suffering and strife can one know the true worth of their soul.  Death is a great cold wasteland where souls wait until they have attained enlightenment and move on.  Her clerics work to give souls a head start by putting them through as much pain and suffering as possible.

Avatar: Loviatar doesn't send avatars to Traykon.  She instead inhabits the body of a beautiful female who is "lost to suffering."  Women who have suffered great loss are subject to being taken by Loviatar.  Those who fall victim to her influence become self destructive and will often try to seduce virtuous men and then torture them to death.  Loviatar will use these women for several months before tiring of them and having them kill themselves (those who aren't killed before that.)

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