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Deity Alignment Domains Followers Description
Skerrit Neutral
Animal, Good, Plant Centaur The patron of Centaurs oversees the community and natural ballance.  He is mainly concerned with protecting nature and the enjoying the hunt.
Squerrik Lawful
Evil, Law, Trickery Wererat Patron of the wererates, he promotes stealth and thievery.
Merrshaulk Chaotic
Chaos, Destruction, Evil Yuan-Ti The patron of Yuan-Ti is a very proud and discriminating deity.  He only accepts yuan-ti abominations as his priests.  It is generally accepted that it was Merrshaulk who was the driving force behind the creation of the Empire.
Yeenoghu Chaotic
Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil Gnoll The patron deity of the Gnolls is actually a powerful Tanar'ri lord who has risen in power.  He is associated strongly with cannibalism and the undead.
Eater of Souls
Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil Troglodyte The patron of Troglodytes seems to have little interest in anything beyond devouring whatever is unfortunate enough to cross his path.  He is the deity of gluttony and wanton destruction.
Baphomet Chaotic
Chaos, Evil, War Minotaur The bloodthirsty patron of the Minotaur was once a powerful Tanar'ri lord who gained enough power to reach divine status.  Due to their common origin, he often has conflicts with Yeenoghu.  His favored weapon is the Greataxe.

Shekinester is the Triple-Goddess of the Nagas.  She is a complex deity of great power and strength.  In Traykon, she has gained great power and has used the power to transform her children and grant them extra abilities and powers.  Each of her three aspects is worshiped by a particular subrace of Naga but all work together toward the combined will of Shekinester.  Although common assumption is that Merrshaulk is the deity who envisioned the Empire, it was Shekinester who actually proposed the alliance and provided the stability for the fledgling kingdom to rise into a power unrivaled by that of other races.  She tried to bring Semuanya into the alliance but his pride and lack of vision would not allow him to join forces with the more powerful Shekinester and Merrshaulk.

Preserver Lawful
Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Repose In her Preserver aspect, Shekinester is the guardian of the spirits of the dead and is responsible for maintaining the existence of the Naga's as a species. 
Empowerer Neutral Creation, Magic, Protection As the Empowerer, Shekinester is the granter of wisdom and the great oracle who give guidance and direction for her children.
Weaver Chaotic
Destruction, Knowledge, Magic The Weaver aspect of Shekinester is an advocate of active destruction.  This aspect of the goddess teaches that to make way for new creation one must first destroy the old.

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