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Divine Storm

Prerequisite: Divine rank 11.

Benefit: The deity can surround itself with a vortex of holy or unholy force that manifests in different forms depending on the deity. The vortex extends from the deity in an emanation with a radius of 10 feet per divine rank. The effect stops attacks with thrown weapons and projectiles (they fail if made by creatures inside the area, or targeted at creatures within the area, or if their paths take them through the area).

In addition, the force expels creatures whose alignment on the ethical (lawful-chaotic) axis is opposite the deity’s. If the deity’s ethical alignment is neutral (neutral good or neutral evil), the force does not expel any creatures. Affected creatures in the area must make Fortitude saves (DC 10 + the deity’s Charisma modifier + the deity’s divine rank) or be picked up and thrown out, regardless of size. Such creatures suffer 1d6 points of damage for each 10 feet they travel. Creatures that make successful saves are not affected by the vortex for one day, although the vortex still stops their thrown weapons and projectiles. Creatures that fail their saves can attempt to reenter the area, but must attempt new saves.

The force damages creatures whose alignment on the moral (good-evil) axis is opposite the deity’s. If the deity’s moral alignment is neutral (lawful neutral or chaotic neutral), the force does not damage any creatures. Affected creatures in the area must make Fortitude saves (DC 10 + the deity’s Charisma modifier + the deity’s divine rank) each round or suffer 1 point of holy damage per divine rank. A successful save negates the damage, but the creature must save again the next round if it is still within the area.

Creatures whose alignment is diametrically opposed to the deity’s are subject to both effects.

Suggested Portfolio Elements: War.

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