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Abnoba (Lesser Goddess)
Mistress of the Stag

Symbol: Maple Leaf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Animals and the Wild places
Worshipers: Elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, rangers, druids
Cleric Alignment: LG, NG, CG, N
DomainsAnimal, Good, Plant, Sun
Favored Weapon:  Club

Abnoba is the Goddess of Wild Beasts and travels with a herd of supernatural deer. She is known as a skillful healer who heals the paws of animals who have escaped traps, helps chicks that have fallen from their nests and treats the wounds of wood grouses after their mating displays. She knows well the healing herbs and will also help humans if they know well enough to ask her for it.

Clerics of Abnoba are quiet individuals who tend to the wilderness and teach that animals are natures gift and not something to be taken without need. They take up the position of protectors and wardens of an area. Although they will allow people to hunt and harvest the land, they are quick to take action against those who pilfer or defile.

History/Relationships: Abnoba is said to have been a mortal once who lived deep in the wilds of Traykon. Some say she was an elf while others claim she was human. Little is known about her life as a child but she devoted herself entirely to the forest and its creatures. Hunters came to her land and begun to kill the wild animals. She tried to protect the creatures she loved but she died while while shielding a stag with her body, an arrow piercing her heart.

As her blood soaked into the heart of the forest, a lone dryad saw her actions and took pity on a poor mortal. The dryad spead quickly through the forest and sought out Valrok, guardian of Yggdrasil. Volrok took the broken body of Abnoba and delivered her to the base of Yggdrasil so the dryad could tell the god directly of Abnoba's noble acts. In the darkness of the deep forest, Yggdrasil allowed the dryad to pick a single fruit from his branches and the seed was forced into Abnoba's body. Yggdrasil claimed as his payment the sacred tree guarded by the dryad, dooming the creature to oblivion.

Many see Yggdrasil as the father of Abnoba. Syn is on friendly terms with the goddess and most good dieties curry favor with her. Shahara and her priests are often supportive with the priests of Abnoba and they often share territory and followers. Ebrim and Kaelthiere seek to hobble the goddess wherever they can. The Red One and his priests are openly hostile to Abnoba and her clerics.

Clerics of Abnoba do not build temples. Often, her clerics will build stone monoliths dedicated to her that they sanctify for their rituals. In the wild, maple trees will sometimes be found with face-like protrusions on their trunks where her clerics are said to have communed with the goddess. Those who hunt the wilderness and even those seeking the tender berries and roots within the forest will pray for her permission for their intrusion.

Dogma:  Abnoba teaches that the living beings of nature should be protected. Animals were not created to serve nor should they be subjected to slaughter. Her followers are fierce protectors of wild animals and their habitat. She teaches that one never takes more than they need and always provides for the replinishment of the next generation.

Avatar: Abnoba is a native goddess to Traykon and as such manifests physically without the use of an avatar. She is said to appear mainly in the most pristine of wild places to play with the careless abandonment of a dryad. Her few appearances at sites of great devastation have her always accompanied by a herd of large deer who aid her in clensing the area of harmful influences.

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