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Early in the days of Traykon, when new gods were beginning to discover the fertile land and sought worship from its denizens, a young deity by the name of Garisoth The Merciless sought worship amongst the gnolls brought through the first Black Gate.  Like many deities he sought to gain worship through fear and reverence so he sent his only avatar to Traykon in an attempt to show the gnolls his might.  During a pitched battle with the combined might of two human kingdoms, the avatar took the field of war and rallied the gnolls to his side as he pushed headlong into the throngs of humankind. 

Garisoth was careless however.  In his deific immortality he ignored the chants of the human war priests and shrugged off the magic sent against him by human wizards.  Lyranis, Child of Bedlam, servant of Aragon, answered the priests' call for divine intervention.  Sent by his master to deal with the avatar of Garisoth, Lyranis clashed with the deity on the field of battle while mortal legions surged around them.  Garisoth, although a strong deity was no match for the awesome might of Lyranis and soon felt the pain of Lyranis's claws rending his chest..

On that day the sky turned black and the a great pillar of smoke boiled up from the spot where Garisoth's blood spilled upon the ground.  As the avatar gasped and writhed in the throes of death's grasp, across the planes the deity lie gaping at the jagged wound that tore through his heart.  Priests from both sides stared in horror as the divine energy that was Garisoth drained from his far away realm and poured into the dying form laying on Trayon's soil.  With the deity's death, a great storm arose and swept across the face of the land. 

Sages and Priests have had many theories and arguments over the centuries.  Some say that Garisoth was not a true god and others say simply that he did not truly die.  The argument proved somewhat academic as several other deities seemed to vanish from existence as their avatars fell on Traykon's soil.

Few avatars have been seen in Traykon since the time of the Great Cataclysm.  It is generally believed that Divine Retribution or Divine Death was the cause of that tragedy.  Despite the discord and disagreement by clergy and sages, few priests will ask for their deities to send avatars to aid them. 

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