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Barak (Lesser God)
God of Liberation, Barak the Avenger, The Great Liberator

Symbol: Swinging hammer or broken shackle
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Freedom, liberation, escape, suffering
:  Destruction, Healing, Liberation, Protection, and Strength
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Worshiper Alignments:  Any (non-evil)
Priest Alignments: NG, LN, N, or CN

God of Liberation, Barak (Ba-Rok) is Neutral.  He is known by many names, Barak the Avenger, The Great Liberator, and the Dwarves of the Dragon Mountains call him Mariak the Wrath of Ages.  No matter what he is called, he has influence in most civilizations and with most races.  Barak frees those who are oppressed and exacts vengeance for those who have been wronged.  He is an unforgiving god who punishes those who take advantage of others.

Priests of Barak are difficult to find.  Most priests are known only to the parishioners who frequently need aid and succor.  Those who come searching for the priesthood often find nothing but rumors and misinformation.  There is only one well known temple to Barak, in Corigsant.

The priesthood celebrates no holidays.  No public displays or programs are held by the priesthood.  Regular gatherings of the faithful are unheard of as well.  To outsiders, finding proof of the activities of the priesthood is near impossible.  This lack of physical presence still does not seem to staunch the flow of worshipers holding Barak as divine.  Barak's priests pray for spells at no special time.

History/Relationships:  Barak is a new deity in Traykon.  Some sages believe that he was a mortal who sacrificed everything to free others.  His racial identity is not known.  The Dwarves claim that he was a Dwarven hero from long ago who attained divinity and has returned to liberate others of his race.  Humans who worship him claim that he is an ancient deity who was brought to Traykon by the suffering of the inhabitants.

Since his rise in popularity, Barak has accumulated many enemies.  Deities like Loviatar oppose his actions.  Many kingdoms and rulers find devotees of Barak very troublesome.  The priesthoods of Eilistraee and Vusha often aid Barak's priests as their goals often coincide.

Dogma:  Be free.  Do not tolerate another to suffer a tyrant's will.  Aid those who would free others.  Seek out the despot who makes his people suffer for his comfort.  Never fall victim to greed, because it will lead you to shackle others.

The priests of Barak are normally craftsmen or laborers.  Often, they multi-class as Fighters, Rogues, or even Bards.

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