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Belos, (Greater God )
"Sun Lord "

Symbol: The Sun
Alignment: Neutral Good
Worshipers: Farmers, merchants, warriors, and Kings
Cleric Alignment: LG, NG, CG, N
Domains: Community, Good, Protection, Strength, Sun
Favored Weapon: Staff


Belos is the Lord of the Sun, the consort of Shahara, the father of Syn, and sword enemy of The Unnamed One.

In the early era of Traykon, Belos was a steadfast ruler who ruled the world with an iron grip. He would only vacate the sky to lay with his mistress Shahara. The land was gripped with an eternal summer and the terrors that ruled in the night were weakened by his dominion. Syn was born of the liaison between the Sun Lord and Goddess of the Sky.

Naraska knew that her power would never grow so long as Belos went unchecked. Her dominion was the night and the powers that existed in the great darkness were apprehensive and full of unrest. The minions of The Unnamed One were most affected by the dominion of Belos so she approached him in hope of an alliance against Belos. The Unnamed One was too terrifying to behold so Naraska spoke instead to The Black Seed and with the blessing of the Unnamed One hatched a plan to destroy the dominion of the sun.

The plan was simple, Naraska was a master at seduction so she would lure Belos from the sky and the Black Seed would destroy him. Using her wiles, the mistress of the night lured the sun lord from his lofty heights into her embrace. During the height of the copulation, Siriki struck and sought to rip the heart of Belos from his chest. Had the Unnamed One or one of his brothers taken a hand in her plans, Naraska would surely have succeeded. As the Black Seed, Siriki lacked the power to completely destroy Belos without the aid of his patron. The Sun God was however gravely wounded and fled back to his domain where Siriki's power could not follow.

Although Naraska's plan had failed, the Unnamed One's plan worked flawlessly. With the weakening of the Sun, many undead minions were able to leave the protection of the night and withstand the light of day in which to hunt and kill. Naraska gained a small amount of power and was near equal to Belos now, but the Unnamed One was stronger than either since his power now extended into both of their realms. Naraska gained new admiration for the devious mechanization of the deity but Belos would forever wear the wound that reminded him of the dark one's evil power.

Seasons: The strength of Belos grows and wains yearly giving Traykon it's seasons. During his strength, Traykon enjoys the heat of summer. While he is suffering and weakened from his wound, winter rules the land. Naraska's power mirrors his with the nights growing longer during the winter and being shortened during the summer.

The joining of Naraska and Belos had an unexpected consequence. Syn was born of their brief liaison. She would rule the sky during the night but Belos would banish her from sight while he reigned. Rarely does Syn confront her father's power but she has been known to defy him causing an eclipse to cover Traykon. Belos is too powerful even during his weakness to be long suppressed by even his daughter and he is quick to banish her back to the night.

Clergy: Belos probably has more followers in Traykon than any other deity. Farmers, merchants, warriors, and even kings revere the Sun Lord. Most towns have at least a small shrine dedicated to Belos while wealthy cities have grand cathedrals dedicated to the Sun Lord. Belos expects all those who live under his benevolent light give him reverence.

His clerics tend to dress in white or light colored robes. Services are held in the morning as He rises and at night when He retires from the sky. His followers abhor the undead and many share his fanatical hatred their numbers. Warrior priests and paladins tend to wear red. They are the protectors of the weak and champions of the light. Wherever priests of Belos travel, they find welcome and are given safety and succor, often with the rulers of an area.

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