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Bronn, (Intermediate Goddess)
Gwen Teir Bronn

Symbol: A white hand
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Motherhood, Hearth, Marriage.
Worshipers: Mothers, Midwives
Cleric Alignment: LG, NG, LN
Domains: Community, Healing, Law, Protection
Favored Weapon:  Club

Bronn is an ancient goddess who concerns herself with the institution of marriage and the family unit.  Worshiped by those who hold the covenant of marriage as sacred, Bronn is an unforgiving goddess demands obedience and servitude from her followers.  As the goddess of hearth and motherhood, she is revered mainly by women.

Priests of Bronn do not normally wear unique attire but will have a scarf or shawl with a white hand imprinted upon it to denote their station.  Most priests are women but a few men have been known to heed her calling.  There are few temples to Bronn and most followers pray in household shrines.

History/Relationships: Bronn has always been an important deity in Traykon.  Her followers are the commoners and farmers of the land.  Her unwavering teaching that couples are made one under the divine blessing, she is a favorite deity evoked by all during weddings.  Priests of Bronn often are called upon to bless a home or even council a couple in distress.

The other deities of Traykon pay little attention to Bronn as her teachings do not interfere with the action of others.  Sometimes her priests are brought into conflict with the followers of Loviatar due to the sadistic and sometimes masochistic nature of that deities teachings.  Followers of Syn will often assist Bronn's priests in times of need due to their overlapping interests in the welfare of women.

Dogma:   Bronn teaches that no higher tribute to the divine can be made than the joining of two souls as one.  Her followers believe that marriage is a gift from Bronn and any breach of the trust is an affront to the goddess herself.  The devout believe that motherhood is the closest a mortal can come to being a god.  Those who defy the sanctity of marriage or sacred trust of motherhood incur Bronn's wrath.

The Church of Bronn

There is no strict heirarchy within Bronn's church. Generally one priest or priestess will defer to another of greater power. Although there are virtually no temples of Bronn, shrines to Bronn are very extreamly common.

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