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God of the Wind
Air, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Protection The draconic deity of knowledge, wisdom, prophecies, and song is the patron of all good dragons.  Bahamut is a wise and loving deity who looks upon all good dragons as his beloved children.  He hates Tiamat for her trickery and deceit but holds firm in the belief that all creatures may be redeemed.  His greatest wish is that one day his old consort will see the folly of her ways and return to his side.
The Evening Star
Neutral Death, Knowledge, Travel The god of fate, death and judgment, Chronepsis is the dispassionate deity who sees to the final disposition of draconic souls.  He is a grim reminder to all dragons that despite their long lives, everything must one day cease to exist.  Most dragons who pass ancient status keep at least a small shrine to Chronepsis in acknowledgement of their eventual decline.
The Ninefold Dragon
Neutral Creation, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Travel Io is known by many names and is the creator of all dragonkind as well as the father of the dragon gods.  He is an aloof deity who watches his creations from afar, never taking a direct hand in draconic business.  Instead, he sends his messenger Aasterinian to other deities when he sees that they are endangering dragonkind or have displeased him. 
The Messenger
Celerity, Chaos, Trickery Aasterinian is a trickster deity who also serves as Io's messenger to the other draconic deities.  He constantly strives to upset the status quo and detests stagnation.  Even though a deity, he is often found at play and is seldom serious except when delivering one of Io's demands.  He is the only being with direct contact with Io, something the other dragon gods envy him for.
The Destroyer
Destruction, Evil, Law, Trickery Tiamat is the self proclaimed creator of evil dragons.  She is known as a cruel deity who enjoys torture and destruction.  All chromatic dragons pay homage to her out of fear if not out of true reverence.  She is the sworn enemy of Bahamut and seeks to foil his plans whenever possible.
Night Dragon
Darkness, Death, Evil, Magic The Lord of undeath and decay is the draconic patron of necromantic arts.  His followers are those who attempt to cheat death and avoid Chronepsis' final judgment.  Shadow Dragons consider him their patron.  Dracoliches are his chosen and the ultimate goal of his followers.

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