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The Dwarven Pantheon

The first Dwarves began to appear in Traykon early during the Age of Man, long before the first cataclysm.  With their arrival, the Dwarven Pantheon begun to spread their influence to Traykon.  It wasn't until the Guild Wars of 3015 Rhondal that the Dwarven Pantheon begun to strongly influence the workings of dwarves in Traykon.  Due to some mysterious effects of the Cataclysm, the Dwarven Pantheon was greatly weakened and it wasn't until shortly after the death of the Duguer did the rest of the gods begin to feel their full power returning to Traykon.

Clerics can worship the Pantheon as a whole without paying particular devotion to any one deity over the others.  These priests are normally found in small mining camps or outposts and seek the betterment of dwarves as a whole.  Pantheon priests can be any Lawful alignment and wear armor and clothing the color of metal or stone.  They can choose any two domains that appear under any dwarf deity's profile.


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Berronar Truesilver
Goddess of Protection and Healing
Community, Good, Healing, Protection As Moradin's bride she is considered Queen of the Dwarven Pantheon.  Her clerics are the record keepers and caregivers of dwarven communities. 
Clangeddin Silverbeard
War God
Destruction, Good, Strength, War The God of War amongst the dwarves, Clangeddin is a fearsome deity whose clerics and followers are often seen at battle sites.  Outsiders often think he is the god of berserkers but he places a great emphasis on tactics and strategy.  His favored weapon is the battle axe.
Dwarf Father
Artifice, Creation, Earth, Good, Law, Protection The Dwarves consider themselves Moradin's greatest creations.  He is the King of the Dwarven Pantheon.  His clerics can be found involved in all aspects of dwarven life.  They lead by example instead of by scripture so they are well loved amongst the dwarves.
Muamman Duathal
God of Travel
Good, Luck, Travel Where Dugmaren Brightmantle inspires dwarves to explore under the surface, Muamman's followers stride the land beneath the sky.  His clerics teach that each horizon holds new wonders to be discovered.
Dugmaren Brightmantle
God of Exploration
Chaos, Artifice, Earth, Travel Moradin is more chaotic than his father Moradin would like, but his intentions and aims are always to the benefit of the dwarven people.  He also is extremely inquisitive and drives his followers to create new items and innovations.  His followers also explore the vast dark beneath the mountains and often come into conflict with other races.
Theldain Jadestone
Eternal Watcher
Celerity, Community, Law, Strength, Water Theldain Jadestone is the patron of the Sea Dwarves of Traykon.  He is a kind and wise deity who teaches his children to be as supple as the sea mists and as strong as the storm driven waves.  Theldain communicates to his clerics through omens and riddles, always encouraging his children to perfect their minds as well as their bodies.
God of Mines and Secrets
Neutral Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Luck, Repose Dumathain serves many purposes in the lives of dwarves.  He is the deity responsible for placing minerals and gems in the earth.  His clerics oversee mining operations and expansion into the bowls of the earth.  He is also the keeper of the dead.  Dumathain keeps the souls of dead dwarves deep in the earth with him to help him place gems and minerals.  Undead are vile creatures that his followers and priests will not tolerate.
(See Barak)
Neutral Artifice, Destruction, Healing, Liberation, Protection, Strength Mariak has taken his place in the Dwarven Pantheon in Traykon only in recent years.  He is a deity that cannot abide slavery or oppression so he works diligently to free those of his followers who live as slaves.  He is worshiped by some of the other races as a god of liberation.  Unlike the rest of the Dwarfen Pantheon, he cares for other races and not just the dwarves.
God of Merchants
Neutral Charm, Artifice, Luck, Protection, Trickery A very untypical dwarven deity, Vergadain is a jovial deity who delights in pranks and jokes.  He is the driving force of dwarven commerce.  His clerics tend to be considered skillful negotiators and are often seen advising merchants and monarchs on trade treaties.  Vergadain is a deity with a darker aspect as well.  Many of his followers drive commerce by trickery and deceit, using lies and theivery to advance themselves and the dwarves cause.  This deity and his clerics walk a fine line in dwarven society between revered statesmen and reviled outcasts.
God of Greed
Destruction, Evil, Strength, Trickery This corrupted deity once held a high position in the pantheon.  Due to his avarice though he turned against Moradin's wishes and fell from grace.  He whispers in the ears of merchants and miners to take the greatest and best for themselves.  Abbathor teaches that taking from others is the natural order so he is also the Dwarven patron of thieves.
God of Magic
Chaos, Destruction, Madness, Magic, Thaumaturgy Embodying the dwarven view of magic, Diirinka is an outcast from the Dwarven Pantheon for embracing the arcane arts.  His clerics are few and always secretive.  His followers are dwarves who have turned from the traditions of Moradin and embraced arcane magic.  Diirinka pays little attention to other deities instead focusing his ambitions into driving his followers to great accomplishments of magic and creation.  He teaches that all is fair in the eternal search for more power and magic.  Diirinka is the patron of Derro and the entire race follow his teachings.


Dwarven Demi-powers
God of the Duguer
Lawful Evil
Laduguer's children have all been wiped out.  Laduguer still has a small following amongst goblins in the underdark and is grooming them to take revenge.  He is an outcast from the other Dwarven deities in Traykon but his lust for revenge against the Drow and the Aboliths has driven him almost insane. 

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