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Ebrim (Greater God)
The Storm King, Thunder God, The Evil Wind

Symbol: Lightning Bolt
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Storms, Nature's Fury
Worshipers: Evil druids, Evil rangers, sailors
Cleric Alignment: CN, NE, CE
DomainsAir, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon:  Long Sword

Ebrim is a deity motivated mainly by rage and the desire for destruction.  He revels in chaos and the unbridled forces of nature.  Most people revere Ebrim out of fear and offer worship to him to appease his wrath.

Priests of Ebrim are bold, savage individuals who loudly proclaim their worship of this dark and chaotic deity.  Many use their power and influence to extort money for supposed "protection" from the god's wrath.  Temples to Ebrim are often open aired cathedrals located on ocean cliffs or high mountain passes.  Shrines to Ebrim are common in areas frequented by bad weather.

History/Relationships: Ebrim is an ancient deity who has been worshiped in Traykon since long before the first cataclysm.  Some believe he has chosen Loviatar as his consort and often members of the two faiths can be seen cooperating toward some evil goal.  Deities such as Shahara and Gaea openly oppose Ebrim and his priests.  The Red One and his priests will often follow the direction of Ebrim as their goals often coincide. 

It is widely believed on nights of terrible storms Ebrim walks the land in mortal form.  Young maidens are considered unsafe during these nights as Ebrim is said to exhibit great passions that he vents upon these unfortunate women.  Priests say that Ebrim rapes the women and impregnates them with the seed of chaos so that his children will embody natures fury amongst mortals.  It is said the only protection from the ominous attentions of Ebrim is for maidens to stay sequestered indoors amongst others during the wrath of his storms.

Dogma:  Ebrim teaches that the world was born in chaos, and to the fury of chaos all things return.  Savage and unforgiving, Ebrim can be appeased only by showing proper tribute and contrition.  Sacrifices to Ebrim are savage affairs where maidens and other "worthy" sacrifices are exposed to the ravages of nature's unbridled fury and left to die.  Those who survive the initial onslaught of the storm receive no reprieve because the priests drain and drink their blood, leaving the corpse to rot without benefit of burial. 

The Church of Ebrim

Ebrim commands a loose organization amongst his priests. He speaks to his deciples through his high priest, called the Storm Lord. The current Storm Lord is Krar, a troll who delights in savagery and the fear his appearance causes others. Priests refer to those stronger than themselves as Elders. Those who tend to a temple are called Patriarch/Matriarch.

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