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The Giant Pantheon

Although called a Pantheon, the giant deities have no formal structure or alliance.  They consider themselves to be descendents of the original elemental lords and as such most believe it is their right to rule above all other deities.  Although they all share a common concern for the giant race, they have little to do with one another except when their interests coincide.  Only in cases where threats could wipe out the giant race will they all gather together to act.  The patron gods owe fealty to their ancestors only and show reverence to "Those Who Came Before".  This reverence is passed down to their followers who all share a form of ancestor worship as well as worshiping their gods.

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Name(s) Alignment Domains Favored Subrace(s) Description
The Storm Lord
Neutral Good Good, Strength, Sun, Weather Cloud Giants
Storm Giants
He governs the sun, skies, and weather, and is a vibrant, dramatic deity.  He is the patron of Storm Giants and non-evil Cloud Giants.  He holds a deep hatred of Memnor and despises that deity for trying to subvert the Cloud Giant race to his evil aims.
Skoraeus Stonebones
King of the Rocks
Neutral Earth, Healing, Protection, Strength Stone Giants Skoraeus Stonebones is the dour and stoic patron of the Stone Giants.  He is concerned only with the affairs of Stone Giants and teaches his followers to not concern themselves in the affairs of other races.  Stone Giant settlements are always far away from other races.  Only in situations where encroachment is inevitable will Stone Giants deal directly with other races.
Lawful Evil Evil, Fire, Law, War Fire Giants He is the aggressive and tyrannical patron of fire giants.  Surtr takes an active hand in promoting his fire giant's status and power in the world.  His favored weapon is the morningstar.
Neutral Evil Charm, Evil, Trickery Cloud Giants Patron of pride and domination, he is subtle, cultured, prideful, and intelligent.  He exhorts his followers to use intelligence and cunning when able but to not fear using brute strength when all else fails.
The Ice Lord
Chaotic Evil Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Ice, Magic, War Frost Giants Promoting Violence and savagery, Thrym is the patron of all frost giants.  Thrym once held great power in Traykon but The Dark One gained control of the greatest Frost Giant Citadel, Ice Keep, over 300 years ago and since then his power has been on the decline.  He hates the usurper and his priesthood works diligently to foil their actions and retain power in the scattered tribes.  His favored weapon is the greataxe.
Chaotic Evil Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength Hill Giants
Strong and aggressive, Grolantor is also known to be stupid and at times cowardly.  He is the Hill Giant patron deity who concerns himself mainly with hunting and combat.  Grolantor's stupidity often is emulated by his followers, causing them to enter into conflicts that are often more than they can handle.
The Destroyer
Chaotic Evil Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War Ogre
Vaprak is the rapacious, greedy, violent, and frenzied patron of Ogres and Trolls.  Vaprak is an unforgiving deity that is ever fearful that his followers will desert him for other giant deities.  He is the god of combat and as such his followers tend to charge into battle first and consider consequences or diplomacy later.  His favored weapon is the Greatclub.

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