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The Goblinoid Pantheon

Nominally, the goblinoid pantheon is ruled by Maglubiyet.  The reality is that each deity looks out for themselves and their own followers even at the expense of the other goblin races.  The exception to this is Bargrivyek and Garl Knooknan, the former tries to unite goblin and hobgoblin together and has even attempted to lure bugbears away from their fierce independence and distrust of the "lesser" species of goblin while the latter teaches that all are equal to the in death.

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Bargrivyek Lawful
Community, Evil, Law The most even tempered of the goblin deities, Bargriyek teaches that cooperation amongst the goblinoid races is their only true path to true domination.
The Bloody Blade
Evil, Law, War This stoic, ruthless deity is the patron of hobgoblins.  Since the deity Aragon usurped the northern tribes from him, Nomog-Geaya's power has been on the decline, a fact which makes him more cruel and ruthless than usual.  His favored weapon is the longsword
Garl Knooknan
Demon Wight
Hand of Death
Death, Disease, Magic, Thaumaturgy Garl Knooknan is a deity who arose within the goblin pantheon during the Age of Darkness.  His true origins are shrouded in mystery but his clerics claim that he is older than Maglubiyet and has returned from a long exile.  He is the god of death and disease.  His followers are shunned by most of the more superstitious of the race but most fear their power.  Most of his priests are goblin but a few bugbears have heard the dark whisperings of this deity.
Khurgorbaeyag Neutral
Earth, Evil, Trickery The Patron god of goblins is the master of oppression and slavery.  He is ultimately a cowardly deity who prefers to threaten others instead of taking action.  He teaches his followers that it is best to hide within the earth than stand and chance defeat.
The Battle Lord
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, War Maglubiyet is the ruler of the goblin pantheon.  He is an aggressive deity who delights in warfare.  Maglubiyet's clerics are the rulers of both goblin and hobgoblin tribes.  His favored weapon is the battleaxe.
The Master of Ambush
Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Trickery The Bugbear god of hunting and stealth, Grankhul is a deity who teaches bugbears that a good ambush is better by far than superior numbers.
Chaos, Evil, Trickery, War The patron god of Bugbears is a savage and cunning deity.  He is the master of violence and combat.  His favored weapon is the morningstar.

Other Deities worshiped by Goblinoids

God of War
Chaos, Destruction, Magic, Strength, War Worshiped by the majority of Hobgoblins in Traykon, Aragon stole Nomog-Geaya's followers by simply showing them his superiority as a ruling god of warfare.  Nomog-Geaya has sworn revenge against Aragon but the greater deity's power dwarfs the influence of the entire goblin pantheon.
God of the Duguer
Destruction, Evil, Law, Madness, MagicLaduguer's children have all been wiped out.  Laduguer still has a small following amongst goblins in the underdark and is grooming them to take revenge.  Khurgorbaeyag hates the fact that some of his children have turned to Lagduguer but is too much of a coward to do anything about it.  Laduguer is an outcast from the Dwarven deities in Traykon but his lust for revenge against the Drow and the Aboliths has driven him almost insane. 

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