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Deities of Traykon

The following deities are the most common deities found in Traykon.  Anyone may chose to either worship or serve these gods regardless of race.  Due to the vast availability of deities to worship and their diversity, no single priesthood has been able to seize control of vast kingdoms.  Racial and Monster deities may only have priests of their sponsored race unless incredible circumstances apply.
Major Deities of Traykon

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Deities of Traykon
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Monsterous Deities

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Name Alignment Domains Symbol Typical Worshipers
Goddess of Motherhood
Lawful Good Community, Healing, Law, Protection Open White Hand Mothers, midwives
God of Valor and Honor
Lawful Good Celerity, Charm, Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength, War Longsword with Eye over Hilt Paladins, soldiers
Goddess of the Woodlands
Neutral Good Animal, Good, Plant, Sun Maple Leaf Elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings, rangers, druids
Sun Lord
Neutral Good Community, Good, Protection, Strength, Sun The Sun Farmers, merchants, warriors, and kings
Fertility Goddess
Neutral Good Creation, Healing, Night, Plant, Protection Crescent Moon Midwives, druids, adepts, barbarians
God of Strength
Chaotic Good Chaos, Glory, Good, Luck, Strength Upturned Fist Fighters, barbarians, rogues, athletes
Goddess of the Sky and Wind
Chaotic Good Good, Healing, Protection, Sun, Travel, Weather A spinning ball of fire Druids, rangers, barbarians, elves
God of Knowledge
Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Law, Luck, Magic, Rune An Open Book Runeweavers, sages
God of Law
Lawful Neutral Good, Law, War Balanced Scales Paladins, good fighters
Ina Po,
Goddess of Death and Magic
Lawful Neutral Death, Law, Magic White Skull with long flowing hair Wizards, necromancers, sorcerers
God of Liberation
Neutral Destruction, Healing, Liberation, Protection, Strength Swinging Hammer or Broken Shackle The oppressed, slaves
The Creator
Neutral Artifice, Creation, Magic, Travel, War Ring of Fire Fighters, Merchants
Shadow of Death
Neutral Repose, Travel, Trickery Lily Necromancers, Assassins
God of War
Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Destruction, Magic, Strength, War Raised Gauntlet Fighters, barbarians, battlemages
The Lost God,
God of Elemental Fury
Chaotic Neutral Air, Destruction, Earth, Fire, Ice, Madness, Rune, Void, Water Circle Runeweavers, Madmen, Evil Druids
Shadow King,
God of Thieves
Chaotic Neutral Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Luck, Night, Trickery Black Mask Rogues, bards, thieves
God of Secrets Revealed
Chaotic Neutral Knowledge, Luck, Darkness, Trickery Ever Open Cat's Eye Rogues, bards, spies
The Tree of Life
Chaotic Neutral Animal, Chaos, Creation, Earth, Healing, Knowledge, Plant, Rune Acorn Runeweavers, treants, druids, rangers, sages
Lord of Destruction and Tyranny
Lawful Evil Charm, Glory, Destruction, Evil, Trickery   Evil merchants, Dictators, 
The Black Heart
Lawful Evil Evil, Ice, Law, Trickery Cat O' Nine Tails Evil wizards, torturers
The Broken One
Lawful Evil Death, Destruction, Madness, Nullification, Void, War A shield bearing the face of a demon Magehunters
The Devourer
Neutral Evil Destruction, Evil, Fire, Void, War   Salamanders, Efreeti, humanoids with an unhealthy interest in fire.
Goddess of Night
Neutral Evil Charm, Darkness, Death, Ice, Knowledge, Madness, Night, Thaumaturgy A Bloody Dagger Thaumaturgists, Prostitutes, Runeweavers
The Unnamed One,
God of the Undead
Neutral Evil Creation, Death, Destruction, Disease , Void Broken Skull Undead, evil necromancers, Fallen
The Storm King
Chaotic Evil Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Glory, Strength, Water, Weather Lightning Bolt Evil druids, Evil rangers, sailors
The Red One,
God of Slaughter
Chaotic Evil Chaos, Evil, Madness, Trickery, War Bloody Claw Marks Evil fighters, barbarians, rogues, Fallen

Minor Deities

Name Alignment Domains Symbol Divine Rank Typical Worshipers
Aeon Duana
The Golden King
Chaotic Good Community, Good, Protection Bronze Shield Lesser Deity The Duana from the isle of Laradune
Goddess of Patience and Virtue
Neutral Good Good, Law, Protection, Water   Cross Splint Lesser Deity Warriors raised by a lake, sea, ocean, or river.
Lawful Neutral Magic, Protection Crown of Thorns Demigod Knights of Thorne
Dust of Life
Neutral Celerity, Death, Protection, Trickery Four Spoked Wheel Lesser Deity Duskbrothers
Child of Bedlam
Chaotic Neutral Destruction, Chaos Inward Spiral Demigod Savage Warriors and Warmongers
Wild Hunt Chaotic Neutral None Stag Horn Helm Demigod Nature Warriors
The Black Seed
Neutral Evil Death, Disease Black Skull Demigod Small Cult within The Unnamed One's followers
The Mad Monk
Lawful Evil Disease, Repose Wooden Grave Marker Demigod Gravediggers
The Death of All
The Reckoning
Chaotic Evil Destruction, Void Broken Shield Demigod None

The Deities Bronn, Arum, Abnoba, Shahara, Barak, Ulan, Aragon, Shadow King, T'lor, Vusha, Keragu, The Lost God, Neraska, The Unnamed One, Ebrim, Klanransalee, Theldain Jadestone, Mariak, Garl Knooknan, Naksulimar, Ina Po, Veles, Kaelthiere, and Leshanan are considered product identity and names, statistics, descriptions, histories, and abilities are not open game content

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