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Kalivasha, (Lesser Goddess )
"Dust of Life "
Divine Rank: 6
Symbol: Four Spoked Wheel
Portfolio: Death
Alignment: True Neutral
Cleric's Alignment: Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral  
Worshipers Alignment: Any
Domains: Celerity, Death, Protection, and Trickery
Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace

In ages past, the goddess Kalivasha came to the world of Traykon and smiled at the death that was spreading over the land. She watched and gathered the power that this death brought her.  The Unnamed One, Ina Po, and Naraska never noticed her leaching death energy from the land. Slowly, she grew in power and extended her will upon the land as she chose her first followers. The Year of Sorrows came and she watched as her children spread across the world. The Day of Sending came and she wept tears of joy. Her disciples grew and her Orders crept into every kingdom. The loss of Arcana never deterred her, it made her followers stronger.

History/Relationships: The goddess Kalivasha is an enigma to most other priesthoods. She was virtually unknown for untold centuries and then once others became aware of her, the goddess had already created a bastion of power that made her virtually unassailable. Due to the secrecy surrounding her clergy and origins, most other priesthoods villify her and her minions.

Ulan and Ina Po generally ignore Kalivasha and the works of her followers. Although they aren't allied, these deities do not oppose her beliefs or actions which leads to little interaction or conflict. Most other deities are hostile towards Kalivasha. Followers of Kalivasha are often persecuted whenever they are discovered.

Dogma: The Duskbrothers are a group dedicated to Death.  They hold death as sacred and believe that Immortality is the greatest of sins.  Undeath is a punishment that they give out to offenders of their Goddess.  The brotherhood is a loosely organized group of like minded individuals.  Their initiation rituals are a closely guarded secret.  Their membership are elusive.  Those who are aware of the Duskbrothers suspect that at least one of their members exist in each town and hamlet.

The Church of Bronn

The Duskbrothers is the name of the followers of Kalivasha. There is no known leader. Those who are lucky enough to gain membership are forever sworn to keep the secrets of the organization. How these individuals identify themselves and others of their order is unknown. They are a true enigma. To the outside world, they just appear to be a rumor. The city of Araxanium is the home of the only known stronghold of Kalivasha. The town is under the protection of the Order and no kingdom lies claim to the city. Only those on the seedy side of the law are aware of the true power behind the city.

Those who are aware of the Duskbrothers see them as a reclusive group of individuals who share knowledge and resources.  At first glance, this seems to be harmless.  In reality, they are much more.  The Duskbrothers are an organization dedicated to the truth of life and death.  They believe in the sanctity of the great cycle and believe that death is the ultimate consummation of life.  Many of the members of this exclusive group have no idea of the scope of the organization.  Most believe that they are part of a small group since they have contact with few of their members.  The reality is much different.

Duskbrothers are organized into three groups.  The Order of Dust is the priesthood dedicated to Kalivasha.  The Order of Ash is the militant enforcers of Kalivasha's will.  The remainder of the Duskbrothers are simple commoners and aristocrats who live their lives and devote their secret heart to Kalivasha's will.  This last group is made up of anyone who is a trusted friend of a Duskbrother.  Most of them never know more than 4 or 5 others in the group.  They never congregate into large groups.  Many of them worship at other temples and revere other deities such as Ina Po in their everyday lives.  Individual Duskbrothers share their knowledge with others and the network of information grows and spreads.  All attempts to infiltrate this group has failed.  Spies within their group have always met with death.  Apparently, their goddess is very unforgiving.

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