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The Kobold deities contend that they were once draconic deities who were punished by Io for playing tricks upon him and his favored children.  As a result, he cursed the Kobolds to a humanoid shape and small stature to remind them that they too small to contend with their stronger kin.  Thrown to the world in mortal form and striped of their wings, the kobolds were banished from the skies.  This angered Kurtulmak and he has been striving every since to show the world that kobolds are still superior in magic and trickery than any other race.  Living within the earth, the kobolds are still strong in magic due to their draconic blood and no longer desire to live in the skies again.  Due to an ancient encounter between Garl Glittergold and Kurtulmak, the kobold deities hate the gnome pantheon above all others. 

Creation, Earth, Evil, Law, Trickery The father of the kobolds, Kurtulmak  is the patron of mining and warfare.  He despises the gnome pantheon and his followers try to thwart gnome interests wherever possible. 
Gaknulak Lawful
Evil, Law, Protection, Trickery Gaknulak embodies the kobold's aptitude for stealth, trickery, and traps.  His followers are apt thieves and spies who use cunning and traps to bring down prey that would normally be too much for them to handle.
The Elfkin
Neutral Evil Charm, Evil, Knowledge, Magic Naksulimar is the deity whose clergy negotiated the deal with the Gray Elves of Traykon.  He is a cunning and thoughtful deity who plans ahead and searches for ways to make future generations of kobolds even stronger.  Also the god of magic, Naksulimar's clerics often multi-class as sorcerers.

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