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Lost or Forgotten Deities

Through the history of Traykon many deities have had followings and some held great power at one time or another.  Through various events are intervention of other deities, some have either fled from Traykon completely or have simply disappeared over time.  Although sages believe these deities will never return to Traykon, it is possible that some event could resurrect their worship and draw their interest back to this world.

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Deity Alignment History
Semuanya Neutral Once the proud patron of Lizardfolk in Traykon, Semuanya fled the world after the betrayal of his children.  Swayed by promises of power and glory the majority of lizardfolk joined the Empire.  Semuanya fought for over a century to wrest control of his children from the ruthless clutches of the Empire but eventually gave up and fled to other worlds where his following was still strong.
Mielikki Neutral Good The church of Mielikki was once a strong and flourishing religion during the early part of the Age of Magic.  Slowly though her following declined as many were converted to racial deities or to the stronger powers of Shahara, Gaea, and Abnoba.  Sometime before the fall of Valislad, the last of her druids and clerics disappeared from Traykon and shortly thereafter her following simply ceased to exist.  It is widely believed that she was incapable of coping with the chaos of this world and decided to focus her attention on events transpiring in other realms.
Boccob Neutral After the Year of Sorrows, there was little left of the followers of Boccob.  He simply ceased to have an impact in Traykon despite his vast influence to that point.  Many believe he is still keeping a watchful eye on Traykon in a hope that one day his followers will reemerge but with deities such as Ganesha and Vusha growing stronger, his time does not appear to be drawing nearer.
Veles Neutral Evil Veles was the god of murder. Nobody knows the details of his death but one day his clerics simply ceased to feel his power and he ceased to hear their call. Relics consecrated to Veles burned and crumbled. His high priestess died in a violet inferno that consumed everything she possessed but touched nothing around her. In 527 TC all religions recognized the death of Veles.
Leshanan Chaotic Evil The dark demigod of dread and darkness had few followers during the Age of Magic.  It is widely believed that in a battle far beneath the surface of the land, Leshanan appeared to his followers to protect them from the ravages of the Blood Elves but instead fell prey to the wandering deity known simply as Stalker.  Although the death of a deity is the subject of great debate, it is generally believed that on that day Leshanan ceased to exist at the hands of Stalker.
Garisoth Chaotic Evil The first deity to have died in Traykon.  Killed by Lyranis, a servant of Aragon.  Not much is known about the deity except he tried to usurp the worship of Traykon's gnolls.

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