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The Red One (Lesser God)
Beast Lord

Symbol: Bloody Claw Marks
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Slaughter, Nature's Harsh Side
Worshipers: Evil Fighters, Rogues, Berserkers, Fallen
Cleric Alignment: CN, NE, CE
DomainsChaos, Evil, Madness, Strength, War
Favored Weapon:  Spiked Chain

The Red One is a primeval god of mayhem and slaughter.  He cares little for so called civilized warfare, instead his followers are known to perpetrate incredible acts of senseless slaughter.  The Red One is a supporter of ruthless mayhem and bloody slaughter

Priests of The Red One are not common, they tend to hide their affiliation from others.  Temples to The Red One are nonexistent but small shrines do exist in wild areas and shadowed dens.  Due to their ruthless actions and propensity for violence, most civilized areas will not tolerate open worship of this fell deity.

History/Relationships:  The first writings of The Red One's disciples appeared shortly after the first cataclysm.  It is widely believed that his followers capitalized on the widespread destruction and transformation caused by the first cataclysm.  His priesthood grew in the intervening years and it wasn't until civilization began to return to some semblance of normalcy before the power of his priests began to fade.  Lately, the power of the priesthood is still high but their secular nature leaves them without any real power in the world.

Although The Red One holds a close relationship with Ebrim, all other deities look at him with distrust and suspicion.   Due to the savage and unreliable nature of his priests, most other priesthoods as well as governments attempt to wipe them out when discovered.

Dogma:   The Red One teaches that life is savage and brutal.  The strong take what they can and the weak need be culled from existence.  Priests of The Red One regularly sacrifice living beings to their god.  Berserkers who have no control over their rage are often referred to as Red Children.  It is widely believed that The Red One curses some Berserkers who do not show proper respect for their savage sides.

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