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The Story of T'lor

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T'nakor, a Solar of the first order, was Arum's chosen emissary.  He served for 2000 years as both messenger and avenger.  Arum's wish was T'nakor's command.  T'nakor was known to speak for Arum and all of the other deities awarded T'nakor the same respect they would award Arum.

Lokt'nor, a Balor of immense proportions, served Keragu with ruthlessness and zeal.  Just as his celestial counterpart, he was Keragu's chosen.  Larger and more powerful than his brother Balor, Lokt'nor was Keragu's hand on the material plane.  He carried out Keragu's wrath on the unworthy and granted aid to his devout.

In what was to become known as the Year of Sorrows, the priests of Ina Po came into possession of an artifact that threatened to unbalance the forces of the gods upon the world.  The Eye of Darkness, rumored to be the heart of one of the ancient elemental gods was uncovered and transferred to Ina Po's great temple in Querana.  The gods became jealous and Arum sent T'nakor to take the artifact from the mortals and remove it from the material plane.

As T'nakor descended to the mortal world, Keragu saw the artifact and began coveting it.  Lokt'nor sped through the plains to intercept T'nakor before he attained the artifact.  These two entities collided in the Querana temple.  Ina Po's priests and worshipers were slain by the dozens by the awesome energy released by these entities.  Kalo Tarkan, a powerful Deathweaver and devout follower of Ina Po was present that day with his apprentices..  His goddess was horrified at the destruction brought about by these two lesser beings and empowered Kalo Tarkan to stop them.

Wielding the Eye of Darkness, Kalo Tarkan and his apprentices entered the battle against these two powerful entities.  No witnesses survived who are sure what happened but those who were far enough away to escape the devastation say that a great ball of green flame consumed the living in the city and leveled most of the buildings.  Researchers believe that the Eye of Darkness somehow merged the three combatants into a single creature.  This creature took the name T'lor and somehow begun wielding divine power.

20 years later, the T'loric Priests surfaced and the leaders of Valislad dismissed them as just another small priesthood.  T'lor gave his power to his priests and begun to spread derision and hatred against the mageocrasy that ruled Valislad.  After the death of his greatest follower, T'lor became bitter and hardened.  His priests began actively opposing the mages in the world.

T'lor was badly wounded by these mages and he sought a way to end his pain.  Saracman showed T'lor the true power of magic when he created the cataclysm.  T'lor used this knowledge to devise a way to stop his pain.  His priests created the Veil and created a place that he could live for eternity without pain.  He intended the Veil to keep him in stasis forever.

Now that the Veil has weakened, consciousness has come back to T'lor.  He has awakened and began to gather his power again.  New followers are coming forward now.  Both old and new allies are seeking out his favor.  Those who know of his consuming obsession wait in fear for him to become powerful enough to start his reign of terror against mages all over again.

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