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Unnamed One (Greater God)
Patron of the Dead, Guardian at the Gates, The Dark One

Symbol: Broken Skull
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio:  The Undead, Entropy
Worshipers:  Undead, Evil Necromancers
Cleric Alignment: LE, N, NE, CE
DomainsCreation, Death, Destruction, Disease, Void
Favored Weapon: Whip

The Unnamed One is a mysterious Elemental deity from the time before recorded history.  He is a dark god who delights in mystery and spreading his influence over the land.  The power behind the Unnamed One is thought to be Neutral and Evil but none are sure.  His priests are feared for their fanatical devotion to his will.  The Unnamed One is the patron deity of the Undead and those who worship them.  The Dark One does not hate life but rather revels in death and the powers of entropy.  

History/Relationships: The Unnamed One was written about in the oldest history in Traykon.  Some sages believe that he is one of the original deities to come to Traykon.  All deities of life and nature oppose the Dark One.  His priests often find allies with priests of Aragon and the Lost God.  Wherever the priests of the three religions cooperate, destruction and ruin is sure to follow.

His fortress within the Shadow World is known as a place of great despair.  Those souls who die in Traykon without a strong belief in a divine patron find themselves drawn toward his citadel.

Dogma: Followers of the Dark One preach that he is at the end of all life.  He embodies the final death.  His followers often find themselves dispensing his "mercy" at the sites of large battles.  Unscrupulous, and often unpopular, rulers often employ them to raise "reinforcements" troops from those slain during major battles.  The Unnamed One teaches his followers that death is not the end.  Death is but a doorway to a new existence. 

Special:  Devout living followers of the Unnamed One are often gifted with the Dark Mark.

Avatar: The Unnamed One is one of the Elder Elemental Gods and as such he retains the power to manifest his Avatar on Traykon at will. Even given this ability, he seldom will manifest preferring instead to draw mortals into his personal realm nestled between the Plane of Shadow and the Negative Energy Plane.

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