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Vusha (Lesser God)
The All Seeing One

Symbol: Ever Open Cat's Eye
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Secrets
Worshipers: Spies, Thieves
Cleric Alignment: CG, N, CN, CE
Domains: Darkness, Knowledge, Luck, and Trickery
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Vusha is master of all that is kept secret in the hearts of men.  Where Naraska revels in the Secret and Hidden, Vusha strives to reveal all and bring the dark secrets into the light.  His priests are called "busybodies" by many and are shunned by those who have things to hide.  Vusha delights in playing pranks and has a love of jokes.  Vusha's priests are often tricksters who get what they want at the expense of others dignity.  His favored weapon is the quarterstaff and his symbol is the ever opened cat's eye.

History/Relationships: Vusha is a new Deity in Traykon.  His influence is small now but with the current climate of intrigue and secrets his cult is growing.   Vusha has no known temples or shrines.  Those who worship him find that their work is easier if nobody knows their true allegiance.

Aside from his rivalry with Naraska, Vusha tends to view most other deities with impartiality.  So far, this attitude has earned him no allies yet no new enemies.  T'lor seems to be the exception to this.  Followers of Vusha strive hard to harm T'lor's priests.  

Dogma: Vusha teaches that all people hold secrets deep in their hearts.  The key to understanding is knowing these secrets.  Knowledge is Power and the priests of Vusha intend to gather as much "power" as possible.  Most priests gather knowledge for its own sake but some use their knowledge to advance themselves.  A few priests even have been known to use their knowledge simply to bring harm to others.  Priests are taught that material wealth is fleeting so most divest themselves of wealth as fast as they acquire it.

Avatar: Vusha is a native deity to Traykon and as such he has the power to manifest directly in the form of an avatar. In the known history of the clergy, there has never been a reported sighting of the Avatar of Vusha. It is unknown if the deity is unwilling to manifest or the manifestations are so subtle that even the most devout followers are unable to detect them.

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