Character Virtures or Flaws
Roll 1d100 during character creation.

01-05 = Books

Description: You have books containing knowledges from which you can study. If you read these book(s) DM can decide what you gain; i.e. free experience points, skills, spells, etc...
06-08 = Healing Touch
Description: You have the ability to heal or cure a certain type of affliction by touch. This ability can be a gift from your God, a faerie power, or an inherited ability. The ability to cure something both common (or potentially epidemic) and deadly (e. g., sword wounds, the Black Death, magical wounds) should not be allowed! Examples of things that would be allowed: snake venom; lightning; burns (maybe); rabies; common cold; dog bites; injuries by demons; flu; frostbite; sunstroke, etc...
09-14 = Immunity
Description: You have an innate resistance to some sort of affliction. For diseases and poisons, this could be a complete immunity. Really weird stuff like fire resistance should be limited to characters with magical backgrounds or divine blessings.
15-19 = Inspiration
Description: You can inspire people, giving them pluses to bravery and related personality rolls and to resistance rolls versus certain magics. DMs descretion in regards to scope.
20-23 = Magic Item
Description: Your character begins with a magic item, perhaps as a heirloom or gained on an earlier adventure.
24-30 = Self-Confident
Description: You gain + 4 to all Will saves.
31-34 = Additional Points in Experience
Description: You start with 5d100 + 100 experience points.
35-37 = Ambidextrous
Description: You can use either hand equally well. Treat as the feat Ambidexterity.  If you have this virtue and the feat when using two weapons in combat, you only suffer a -1 to attack.
38-42 = Animal Companion
Description: You have a loyal, intelligent animal for a companion. Your relationship with it is a meaningful one; you are very close. The animal can at least obey simple commands. If it should die, you would be profoundly distraught.
43-45 = Arcane Lore
Description: You are privy to arcane knowledge, meaning spells, map to lost treasure, etc...
46-48 = Heigthened Characteristic
Description: Roll a 1d4 and add that to one random attribute.
49-52 = Berserk
Description: Any time you lose 25% of hit points from a wound from an enemy, you must make a Fortitude save DC 25 or you experience battle lust and go berserk. This can also be brought on if you are strongly frustrated. While berserk, you get a +4 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, and a +2 morale bonus on Will saves, but suffer a -2 penalty on Armor Class; and you cannot retreat, hesitate to attack, or give quarter. The rage lasts for 10 rounds minus your wisdom modifier. If you are still berserk while no more enemies are present, you attack your friends.
53-56 = Blackmail
Description: You have information which some powerful person would prefer to keep unspoken. You receive payments or services in return for your silence, and you may leverage special favors occasionally, but don't push your luck, as your victim may decide it isn't worth the cost, or may decide to silence you permanently. You gain wealth or services with a yearly value of... DMs descretion.
57 - 59 = Business
Description: You own or run a business which generates significant wealth for you, but which provides you with little (if any) political clout, and which you must manage and protect. You have a yearly excess income of... (DMs descretion), and may own your own mount (though you may not own land unless you are also wealthy).
60-63 = Busybody
Description: You want to know everything that is going on around among your friends and acquaintances, and especially private matters. You are always interested in rumors and gossip. You are frequently able to extract personal secrets from people. You usually know what is going on, who is sleeping with who, and so forth.
64-67 = Carefree
Description: You are unshakably cheerful and happy in all circumstances. You have +5 on all rolls to resist despair and sorrow (e.g., spells).
68-72 = Clear Thinker
Description: You think clearly and rationally. You get a +3 bonus on all rolls to resist lies, confusion, befuddlement, etc., whether these attempts are magical or mundane.
73-74 = Clergy
Description: You are a member of the clergy, and thus fall under the protection of the Church (even if you regularly fail to fulfill your Church vows). You will be accorded some respect (or at least fear) due to your position, by both nobles and common folk alike, but nobles will still usually outrank you in a sense, as the nobility have a great deal of political power in the Church.
75-76 = Sleep Talker
Description: You talk loudly and copiously in your sleep. Others can order you to roll over, have really wierd dreams, or even trick you into telling your dark secret. While sleeping you have a -6 personality trait of gullible, obedient, loose-lipped or something similar.
77-80 = Jumpy
Description: You hear noises and see shadows in the night that others are too careless to notice. Make basic perception rolls normally, but if you don't succeed, assume that what you notice is dangerous.
81-84 = Long-Winded
Description: You get + 2 to your Fort saves to withstand fatigue and physical deprivation such as hunger, sleepiness, and spellcasting fatigue.
85-86 = Disposition
Description: Keep a positive disposition all the time, regardless of the degree that the recipient deserves it, and regardless of your mood at the time.
87 - 94 = True Fear:
Description: While others may run from fearful situations, you stand locked in fright. You remain frozen until you can roll a successful Bravery check (Will save DC 25), or until you are physically moved or shoved by another. A successful melee strike will also free you from your paralysis.
95 - 99 = Perfect Lie
Description: You're a perfect liar and no one can recognize your lie. When you lie, your body remains calm and your heartbeat doesn't accelerate. 2% chance per level for detect lie to work on you after initial save.
100 = Immortal
Description:  The PC cannot be killed unless his head is removed from his shoulders in some way. The PC doesn't suffer any effect from aging. No need to roll for aging. The PC is not affected by diseases as badly. He will always recover. If he survives being injured in combat, the PC will regenerate. The PC regenerates 1 hp per hour in addition to any other regeneration or healing.