The following rules can be used for quick Mining operations. 


Not all regions yield something of value.  to determine if a region is suitable, make a Profession (miner) check (DC 20).  This takes one week of survey of a 5 square mile area aboveground and half that area underground.  If the search is conducted above and there's bad weather (snow, storm, etc.), the DC is 25.  Raise the checks DC by +10 when searching in non-mountainous, non-hilly areas.  Raise the DC by+5 when in hilly areas or cliffs.  If failed, the GM tells you there is nothing valuable here.  You may research the same region, each time with a -2 circumstance penalty per failed check or move on to search another area.  If successful, the search is completed and you roll on the following table to determine what you have found:

Mining Products
% Roll Product
1-30 Copper
31-40 Tin
41-66 Lead
67-84 Iron
85-92 Silver
93-97 Gold
98 Platinum
99 Mithril *
100 Gemstones *

 * Indicates only that Mithril or Gemstones may be present.  Check the Mithril and Gemstones Tables which determines the actual product of the mine.


1d10 Product
1-5 Silver (highest quality)
6-8 Gold (highest quality)
9 Platinum (highest quality)
10 Mithril



% Roll Product
1-25 Ornamental Stones
26-50 Semi-precious Stones
51-70 Fancy
71-90 Precious
91-94 Gems
95-96 Jewels
97-99 Roll twice
100 Roll three times


Next is to determine the quality of the product(s) discovered.


The quality of metal is equal to the number of coins that can be produced from it by a single miner in one week.

Metal Quality

1d10 Copper Iron Silver Gold Platinum
1 100 200 25 10 5
2 200 300 50 25 10
3 250 500 100 50 20
4 300 700 200 100 40
5 350 900 300 200 75
6 400 1,200 400 300 100
7 500 1,600 500 400 250
8 750 2,000 750 500 400
9 1,000 3,000 1,000 750 800
10* 2,000 4,000 2,000 1,000 1,000

* Roll 1d10 again,  If another 10 results, the mine is a pure vein of the highest quality and requires no smelting.  If 1-9 is rolled, the metal must be smelted as normal.

If you sell the ore without smelting, the selling price can be no more than 25% of the value of pure metal.


The quality of gemstones is equal to the number of and type of stones that can be produced by a single miner in one week.  In addition to the listed values below, there is a 1% chance per week of operation per miner, that he finds an exceptional stone whose value is equal to the "Average Uncut Value per Stone" multiplied by 1d100.

Gemstone Quality

Class Number of Gems Average Uncut Value per Gem
Ornamental 3d10 1 gp
Semi-precious 3d6 5 gp
Fancy 1d12-1 10 gp
Precious 1d10-1 50 gp
Gems 1d6-1 100 gp
Jewels 1d4-1 500 gp

You can also determine the exact types of stone you can produce by rolling on one of the following tables:

Ornamental Stones

% Roll Stone
1-8 Azurite
9-16 Banded Agate
17-24 Blue Calcite
25-32 Eye Agate
33-40 Hematite
41-48 Lapis Lazuli
49-56 Malachite
57-64 Moss Agate
65-73 Obsidian
74-82 Rhodocrosite
83-91 Tiger Eye Agate
92-00 Turquoise

Semi-precious Stones

% Roll Stone
1-7 Bloodstone
8-15 Carnelian
16-23 Chalcedony
24-31 Chrysoprase
32-39 Citrine Quartz
40-47 Jasper
48-55 Moonstone
56-59 Onyx
60-67 Quartz Crystal
68-75 Rose Crystal
76-83 Sardonyx
84-91 Smoky Quartz
92-00 Zircon

Fancy Stones

% Roll Stone
1-12 Alexandrite
13-25 Amber
26-38 Amethyst
39-51 Crysoberyl
52-64 Flourite
65-77 Jade
78-90 Jet
91-00 Tourmaline

Precious Stones

% Roll Stone
1-25 Aquamarine
26-50 Blue Spinel
51-75 Peridot
76-00 Topaz

Gem Stones

% Roll Stone
1-25 Garnet
26-50 Jacinth
51-75 Opal
75-00 Red Spinel


% Roll Stone
1-25 Diamond
26-50 Emerald
51-75 Ruby
76-00 Sapphire


Maintaining a mining operation (1d4-1 x 100 gp) per week of material cost (shovels, picks, beams, etc.).  Other things (including guards and miners) are not included in these numbers.


The Lifetime of a mine is secretly determined by the GM and gives you the length of a time the mine will produce before depletion.  Roll 1d100 at the start of the mining operation, the result being the number of weeks the mine can be worked.  If the result was doubles, add another 1d100 weeks, etc.

Overseeing Operation

If a character oversees a mining operation, he is required a Profession (miner) check (DC 20).  If failed or if the mining operations are not supervised, the mine will only produce half the normal value.  The Operator must be a player character with Mining skill or with Expert levels or an NPC expert.  Miners can be commoners or Experts.  If you want to guard your mine, you will also most likely employ Warriors.