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Craft Magic Tatoo

Prerequisites: Caster Level 9th, 5 or more ranks in Craft (Painting)

Benefits: You can apply your magic and artistry together to create a magic tattoo.  The tattoo is created to emulate the effects of a single spell as if ti were a spell like ability.  The base price for a tattoo of this nature is spell level x caster level x 400 gp.  Crafting a magic tattoo takes one day for each 1,000gp of its base price.  To craft a magic tattoo, you and the recipient must each spend 1/25th of its base price in XP and use up raw materials costing half of the base price.

Special: The power of the tattoo can only be used once each day.  The caster level is based on the lowest caster level needed to cast the spell.  If two or more magic tattoos are attempted on the same body (regardless of size), the magics will disrupt each other (i.e. you may never have more than one magic tattoo). A magic tattoo can be removed using a remove curse cast at one level higher than the spell level of the spell effect granted by the tattoo (using heighten spell) or a similar method).  The act of casting remove curse only takes away the magic.  The tatoo itself remains until removed through mundane methods.  the tattoo is treated as a Miscellaneous Magic Item for all other intents and purposes.

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