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Feat Name Prerequisites Benefit
Ability Focus Special attack. One of this creature's special attacks is particularly difficult to resist.
Awesome Blow Str 25, Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, size Large or larger. This creature can send opponents flying.
Brain Eater Ghoul, Int 17
Eat the brains of other creatures to gain a small bonus on skill checks and Will saves.
Civilized Ghoulishness Ghoul, Cha 18 Learn how to better pass off as a living creature.
Craft Construct Caster level 5th, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item. You can create construct creatures like golems.
Draconic Defender Con 17, Toughness Grant a nearby ally your dodge bonus from fighting defensively or combat expertise.
Draconic Discipline Wis 17, base Will +10, any lawful alignment, dragon type Get a second retry on necromancy or mind-affecting enchantment spells.
Empower Spell-Like Ability Spell-like ability at caster level 6th or higher. One of this creature's spell-like abilities is particularly potent and powerful.
Flyby Attack Fly speed. This creature can make an attack before and after it moves while flying.
Hover Fly speed. This creature can hover in place with ease and can kick up clouds of dust and debris.
Improved Natural Armor Natural armor, Con 13. This creature's hide is tougher than most.
Improved Natural Attack Natural weapon, base attack bonus +4. Attacks made by one of this creature's natural attacks leave vicious wounds.
Gift of Sight Troll Learn to read the future in your own entrails.
Multiattack Three or more natural attacks. This creature is particularly skilled at making attacks with its natural weapons.
Multiweapon Fighting Dex 13, three or more hands. This multi-armed creature is skilled at making attacks with multiple weapons.
Noxious Bite Acidic breath weapon, bite attack Deal extra acid damage with your bite attack along with nauseating the enemy.
Quick at Hand  Ogre You may use any item as an improvised melee or ranged weapon without penalty.
Quicken Spell-Like Ability Spell-like ability at CL 10th or higher. This creature can use one of its spell-like abilities with next to no effort.
Snatch Size Huge or larger. This creature can grab other creatures with ease.
Warren Digger Ghoul, Str 17 Gain a burrow speed of 10 ft.
Wingover Fly speed. This creature can make turns with ease while flying.

If you are building a new monster, note that each creature with an Intelligence score receives a number of feats equal to 1 + 1 per every 2 Hit Dice after the first (so, 1 at 1 HD, 2 at 3 HD, etc.). A creature must qualify to take a feat as normal.

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