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Instead of making a vast image archive dedicated to various artists, I have decided to instead offer a portal page of sorts to aid people in locating their favorite artists.  Some of the following artists are very well known and their art will be immediately recognized, others I have included simply because they are wonderful artists who disserve recognition and admiration.

Please visit my Character Portrait archive hosted here for a good representation of your character.  I have gathered these portraits from all over the internet, including Wizards of the Coast so can not attest to all of their origins.  Please use them for personal enjoyment but do not attempt to make money off of them as their copywrite is questionable.  Anyone who owns the copywrite to one of these images should email me if they object to their viewing on my site.

Artist Pages
Boris Vallejo
Julie Bell
Ruth Thompson
Klaus Brandt
Beth Hansen
Jay Shah
Rebecca Cox
Larry Elmore
Keith Parkinson
Jonathan Earl Bowser
Gerald Brom
Don Maitz
Rowena Morrill
Barclay Shaw
Clyde Caldwell
Tim Bradstreet
Frank Frazetta
Charles Keegan
Chris Achilleos
Ciruelo Cabral
Dorian Cleavenger
Ken Kelly
Luis Royo
Rodney Matthews
Michael Whelan
Bob Eggleton
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Todd Lockwood
Joseph Michael Linsner

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