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Sword of Discharge

These Vicious swords were once standard equipment for the Valislad Legionnaires.  Originally created to combat rogue Bugbears that would descend from the mountains and plague local farms, these swords were quickly drawn into the civil war between the Runeweavers and the Mage Guild.  Thousands of these swords were crafted by archmages on both sides of the conflict, therefore some swords are covered with glowing silver runes.  

Most of these swords were finely crafted +3 Long Swords that were capable of delivering an additional 1d8 + 10 points of electrical damage.  Opponents receive no protection from metal armor against the bonus damage as these swords simply ignore metallic armors. If the wielder rolls high enough to hit with a touch attack but not enough to strike a normal hit, the electrical damage is still applied against opponents with metal armor. The +3 bonus associated with the swords increases to +6 when used against creatures made completely of metal (such as iron golems).  

The secret of their creation has returned and a few new swords are circulating. Rumors persist of superior versions of the sword created that were capable of dealing an additional 1d8+20 damage instead of the 1d8+10. These swords were rumored to have been given to Sauroman's personal guards but none of these weapons have yet to be recovered.  

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