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Staff of the Dragon

The legendary Staff of the Dragon is an artifact that comes from the Age of Magic.  Legend states that a powerful dragon created the staff as a gift for a beautiful elven princess with whom he had fallen in love.  Another legend attributes the staff's creation to a powerful Fey sorcerer who created the staff to help him overthrow a rival.  The truth of the staff's creation is lost to antiquity. 

The staff appears to be a carved from a single piece of bone.  The staff is toped with a small, baby dragon skull. The staff grants the wielder Spell Resistance 30 and immunity to Dragon's Breath.  The staff also functions as a +5 magical weapon in combat.  It allows use of the following spells:
  • Charm Monster (1 charge, DC 34)
  • Dismissal (1 charge, DC 35)
  • Prismatic Wall (2 charges, DC 38)
  • Dominate Monster (3 charges, DC 39)

The staff can be recharged once per year by immersing it in the blood of a freshly killed dragon.

Cost: 1,200,000 gp.

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