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The Eye of Darkness

In ancient times, elemental gods walked the land beside of their mortal worshipers.  Great gods of the forest kept lesser races from defiling their domains.  As civilization progressed, humanoids began weakening the elder gods.  After centuries of intrusion, the humanoids were able to drive the gods out of their domains.  With the shrinkage of their land, the elemental gods started weakening.  Many of the gods perished at the hands of the mortals they were attempting to keep out of their domain.  Several of these gods left behind traces of their presence.  Sacred sites exist in nature where the power of these gods still hold sway.  They Eye of Darkness is one of these remnants.

The Eye of Darkness is all that is left of one of these elemental gods.  They Eye looks like a burnt out lump of coal.  The Eye grants the wielder immense power.  None are alive today who can say for sure what powers this artifact grants its wielder.  It is widely believed that the Eye of Darkness is now possessed by T'lor and that this deity uses the eye's power to add to his own.

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